Pro Athletes Disavow ‘Trump Talk’: ‘What Kind of F***ed Up Locker Rooms Has Trump Been In?’

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Athletes from all over pro sports are taking Donald Trump to task for his labeling of lewd comments about women as common ‘locker room talk.’

Trump said his off-the-record comments about ‘feeling up’ a woman to then “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush were tantamount to “locker room talk,” but several athletes took issue with that characterization — and responded in the most bruising terms.

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Brett Anderson wondered what world, and locker room, Trump had been in:

Retired Oakland Raiders punter Chris Kluwe — who is himself known for colorful descriptions of locker room talk — said Trump was way off base:

Oakland A’s pitcher Sean Doolittle wanted to set the record straight:

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Chris Conley said he doesn’t pay attention to anything remotely close to what Trump said:

Former Washington Redskins player Sage Rosenfels said he’d never heard anything like this in any of the numerous locker rooms he’d been in:

L.A. Clippers guard Jamal Crawford had a question:

The Blazers’s CJ McCollum responded:

L.A. Galaxy player Robbie Rogers was offended:

MMA fighter Phil Brooks, aka CM Punk, compared the presidential contender’s quote to a serial killer:

Texans wide receiver Jaelen Strong tried to clear up any confusion:

Former New Orleans Saints wide receiver-turned-analyst Donte Stallworth chimed in with an emoji:

Roller Derby athlete “Vivi Section,” aka Emily Udell, said the vibe in their locker room is way different from Trump’s:

Female sports reporters, who have seen the inside of a few locker rooms, also weighed in.

The Washington Post reporter Cindy Boren says she’s never heard the kind of talk the GOP presidential contender chalked up to “locker room talk”:

“Personally, as someone whose job has required being in locker rooms over the years, I can say that locker room talk can be coarse, crass and uncomfortable — but it’s unfair to athletes to characterize Trump’s comments as ‘locker room talk.’ Even an athlete who threw a blow dryer at me never spoke this way. Nor did one who called my presence in the locker room ‘a threat to the American family.’ Granted, time in the locker room is limited and athletes are aware of the presence of members of the media, but talk like Trump’s just doesn’t happen.”

NFL Network and NBC sports reporter Alex Flanagan said she’d never heard this stuff in the locker room:

USA Today sports reporter Lindsay Jones says she’s never heard this stuff in the locker room before, either:

But one athlete in particular — Dodgers pitcher, Brett Anderson — might be channeling lots of people with this observation:

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