Pro-Trump Kid Gets Beaten Up for Wearing ‘MAGA’ Hat to School—Guess Who the School Punished

A 6th-grade boy who wore a “Make America Great Again” hat on the school bus got more than he bargained for when another kid beat him up for wearing it.

Christina Cortina said that her 12-year-old son, Gavin, was beaten and harassed by a kid on the bus while another student took video.

Gavin told News 4 in St. Louis that things got hot fast:

“He got so frustrated that he pushed me. And he kept hitting me and backing me up until I got to my window of the bus and so I just had to push him out.”

At one point on the video the kid doing the beating screeched:

“You want to build a wall? You want to build a f**cking wall?!”

There’s no report of what the bus driver did, but later, all the kids involved were punished— including Gavin.

News 4 reports that Gavin was suspended for four days and all the kids “have faced the consequences.”

His mom said it was horrible seeing her son being beaten on the cell phone video:

“I saw him being berated and bullied and beat, literally beat, because he feels strongly about the world today.”

She wrote on Instagram that she was proud of her son for wearing the hat:

It’s not as if wearing the hat offended all other students:

But Cortina says she’s now re-thinking allowing her son to wear his favorite hat to school.

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