Nicole Curtis Admits it Took a Shameful Moment With an Coworker to Realize Her Job Was Consuming Her

Nicole Curtis, the producer and host of the HGTV television series “Rehab Addict,” is back to work purchasing rundown houses and bringing them back to their former glory.

This week, she started filming season eight in Detroit. The mom of two and her team appear excited to be back on set.

No place like home

Posted by Nicole Curtis on Wednesday, July 27, 2016

This comes just a few months after Curtis said she wasn’t sure she would be filming another season at all.

After season seven ended, she had secretly given birth to her new son, Harper. She realized she was pregnant after she had broken up with ex-boyfriend Shane Maguire (pictured left) and chose to keep the pregnancy secret during filming.

Maguire and Curtis have been in a messy custody battle since Harper was born in May 2015.

It’s been a difficult year for the single mom of a teenager and a newborn.

Over Christmas, Curtis posted:

“To all the mommies that I’ve met during this time going through the same thing, don’t let anyone downplay your emotions or your heartache — when you’re a mommy — you’re a mommy. It’s the greatest gift and I feel the most painful sometimes.”

As she continues to fight for the custody of Harper, she wrote that she gets physically ill every time she has to separate from him:

“My wonderful (sarcastic) ex significant other commented that I looked haggard the other day–my response was what mother wouldn’t after all this — it’s unnatural to be separated from growing children — (not just my opinion, but science — my body goes into withdrawals.)”

Before filming started again, she admitted that the year off had brought her down, but she was thrilled to be back to work.

I'm going to rebuild a house tomorrow….just saying. I might be a little sad, taking a break every few hours to pump,…

Posted by Nicole Curtis on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

She wrote on Facebook, in part:

“I might be a little sad, I’m taking a break every few hours to pump, mama — but my Gramps said today, ‘you do a hell of a job building houses — you should probably get back to it and I’m proud of you.'”

She has decided to slow down production in order for her and her team to spend more time with their families.

But, her decision to change the show wasn’t solely based on her own journey. She wrote that she’s also been inspired by the lives of the people around her — namely, her new carpenter, Bobby Prothero.

At the end of season seven, Curtis helped build a house for Prothero.

Prothero had previously worked with Curtis as a contracted carpenter on a local project. She found out that his daughter, Tessa, was suffering from cancer, and he had stopped renovating his own house to take care of her.

Happy Birthday to the love of our lives! 9 is your year girl, let's do this thang ?????

Posted by Love, Team Tessa on Saturday, February 25, 2017

As soon as Curtis found out, she asked to help Prothero with his house. After asking him relentlessly to join her team, he finally agreed this year. In honor of Tessa’s ninth birthday this week, Curtis wrote on Facebook how Prothero’s story changed her forever.


Posted by Nicole Curtis on Thursday, February 23, 2017

She wrote, in part:

“A few years back a guy named Bobby was heading up one of my projects (teal chair). He had to take some time off to go to California and I made a joke-what are you doing going to Disneyland? And he said yes, then he proceeded to tell me about his 7 yr old daughter battling Neuroblastoma Stage 4.”

Looking back on that moment, she realized that she had let the house renovations consume her life:

“I cried and cried. That moment still hits me like a ton of bricks. How many days had I ran into that house b***hing about one silly thing or another thinking I had it so bad. I felt guilty, ashamed wondering how had my life got so busy that I didn’t know this about one of our guys?”

Now with a new baby and a friend on her team, Curtis is proud to take things slowly.

For Curtis, some things in life are just more important than fixing up houses.

Editor’s note: This article was edited for content after publication.

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