Rep Duncan Hunter Is Under Investigation by the Department of Justice for Misuse of Campaign Funds

The House Ethics Committee announced Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) is under investigation for alleged campaign finance violations in a statement Thursday, according to CNN.

Hunter, according to the committee, may have used thousands of dollars of campaign funds for personal use — including purchases related to, “family travel, flights, utilities, health care, school uniforms and tuition, jewelry, groceries, and other goods, services, and expenses.”

He spent funds on an array of items including, airline transactions, nail salon, dentist visits, sporting goods, hotels, and resorts.

He even used $600 of campaign funds to pay for his pet rabbit’s travel during the campaign.

Hunter promised to repay around $60,000 to his own campaign account last year, according to CNN. Hunter’s attorneys responded to the news, claiming he “took corrective action” last year when he was made aware of the violations.

Elliot Berke and Gregory Verga, Hunter’s attorneys said:

“Ultimately, he and his wife personally repaid the campaign approximately $60,000.”

Hunter’s lawyer indicated he intends to cooperate with the DOJ throughout the investigation.

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