Report: Hillary Clinton Suddenly Wants Nothing to Do with Running the Clinton Foundation

Rightly or wrongly, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 election loss to Donald Trump will go down in history as one of the greatest upsets in presidential politics.

In addition to the impact of Trump’s populist appeal, Hillary was dogged by controversy throughout her campaign — from the email scandal, to “pay to play” allegations against the Clinton Foundation.

As speculation over Hillary’s future in politics continues — she refused in January to rule out a run for mayor of New York City — she has all but ruled out returning to the foundation, as reported by The Hill.

A close confidant, who reportedly has spoken to Hillary about the foundation in recent weeks, told The Hill that she wants to keep her options open:

“She’s taking a look at her life and wants to try some different things. She’s not tying herself to something that’s always been an option. She wants to figure out what she wants to do.”

But the confidant also suggested that, while Hillary may not be part of the foundation, she’ll only be a phone call or email away:

“Everyone knows they’ll have access to her whenever they need her. This has really become President Clinton and Chelsea’s thing.”

Two weeks after Hillary’s painful concession speech, she returned to the public eye. During a speech before the Children’s Defense Fund, she vowed to “fight for our values and never, ever give up.”

And she hasn’t.

She continues to criticize Trump on a regular basis, including via a “taste of his own medicine” — Twitter:

Moreover, she continues to make it clear that she has no intention of fading off into the political sunset anytime soon:

Of course, the question is, will Hillary give it one more shot and run in 2020?

Not only are some people, including Politico’s Matt Latimer, convinced that she will, new Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez said in February that she should run if she’s so inclined.

Meanwhile, Hillary continues her “comeback tour,” as termed by The Washington Post. She delivered a speech last week at the annual Hillary Rodham Clinton Awards for Advancing Women in Peace and Security ceremony at Georgetown University.

Win McNamee/Getty Images

So as Hillary continues to “figure out what she wants to do,” as her confidant puts it, being an official part of the Clinton Foundation apparently isn’t in the cards.

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