Ronald Reagan’s Daughter Writes Emotional Facebook Message to Trump After ‘2nd Amendment’ Comments

The backlash continues for Donald Trump after he insisted gun advocates could easily do something about Hillary Clinton taking away the right to bear arms.

Trump said at his North Carolina rally Tuesday:

“Hillary wants to abolish — essentially abolish the Second Amendment. By the way, if she gets to pick, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.”

Plenty of people, including Clinton herself, have called Trump’s comment “dangerous,” with the Secret Service even getting involved and speaking to the Trump camp about the whole ordeal.

Ronald Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis is also weighing in on Trump’s controversial remarks, something she’s yet to do this election cycle.

Davis wrote on Facebook, in part:

“To Donald Trump: I am the daughter of a man who was shot by someone who got his inspiration from a movie, someone who believed if he killed the President the actress from that movie would notice him. Your glib and horrifying comment about ‘Second Amendment people’ was heard around the world. It was heard by sane and decent people who shudder at your fondness for verbal violence. It was heard by your supporters, many of whom gleefully and angrily yell, ‘Lock her up!’ at your rallies. It was heard by the person sitting alone in a room, locked in his own dark fantasies, who sees unbridled violence as a way to make his mark in the world, and is just looking for ideas…”

To Donald Trump: I am the daughter of a man who was shot by someone who got his inspiration from a movie, someone who…

Posted by Patti Davis on Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Her post has been shared more than 10,000 times on Facebook, with numerous people sharing their support for Davis, especially in light of recent events.

Just last month, it was announced that the man who attempted to assassinate her father, President Ronald Reagan, would be released after spending 35 years in a mental hospital.

61-year-old John Hinckley will live with his mother in Williamsburg, Virginia, under strict rules, such as making no attempts to contact the Reagan family or the families of the three others injured in the attack.

Davis, who almost lost her father to a mentally unstable man with a gun, believes Trump’s words are “horrifying”:

“Yes, Mr. Trump, words matter. But then you know that, which makes this all even more horrifying.”

It doesn’t seem as though Trump is letting the pushback get to him, though, saying in a press conference Thursday:

“I think we’ll give Hillary Clinton — ya know if you’re on a sports team — the ‘Most Valuable Player,’ MVP, you’ve got the MVP Award — ISIS will hand her the Most Valuable Player award.”

Trump also denied that his team met with the Secret Service.

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