Rudy Giuliani Explains the Huge Bump On His Head With a Reference to Hillary Clinton

Folks on the internet noticed something strange about Rudy Giuliani the last few times he was on television.

New York City’s former mayor sported a giant bump on his head:

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube
Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

When Giuliani appeared on ABC’s “This Week” to discuss Donald Trump and his campaign for president, the host did not shy away from addressing the bumpy elephant in the room, asking the former mayor what happened to his head.

Giuliani answered truthfully, but managed to slide in a barb at Hillary Clinton in the process:

“I banged myself in the shower, coming out because I was rushing to get dressed for a dinner party.

Nobody attacked me. I was going to tell you that I was attacked by Hillary Clinton’s forces.

But it’s not true. I’m fine.

I just got a little bump. I think it’s just my brain’s up a little and I got it working better now.”

Giuliani also appeared on Fox News, where the bump was even more noticeable.

Check it out:

Twitter users weren’t so kind to “America’s mayor”:

However, some Rudy fans came to his defense, giving possible reasons for the existence of the bump:

Here is the entire segment if you want to check it out:

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