Sanders Says Trump’s Plan to Move Migrants to Sanctuary Cities Is Not the ‘First Choice,’ but Could Be a ‘Win’


White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told ABC’s George Stephanopolous on Sunday that, while not their “first choice,” the proposed moving of undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities is “an option on the table” and could be a “win.”

While giving an interview on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, Sanders talked about the Trump administration’s proposed idea to transfer undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities in light of the immigration crisis taking place at the U.S.-Mexico border. She also torched Democrats for failing to “step up and help the president” in fixing our immigration laws.

“This is an option on the table. We’ve talked about a number of different things over the last two years that we’d love to see happen. Certainly, this wouldn’t be our first choice because, ideally, we wouldn’t be dealing with the massive influx of illegal immigrants coming across the border.

The crisis that we have — both from a national security and humanitarian standpoint — is if Democrats could step up and help the president fix the laws, this all could go away.”

Watch the clip here:

“If Democrats continue to be unwilling to do that, then we are going to look at all of our options,” added Sanders.

The president’s press secretary was then pressed on the legality of the transfers, which she responded to by saying that President Trump “likes the idea” and that the White House was looking at “options that make it possible.”

She added that Democrats “wanted” the undocumented immigrants in the sanctuary cities and that the White House wanted to “see if it works so that everyone gets a win.”

Watch here:

Sanders then called on Democrats in Congress to “sit down” with the president and “do their jobs” to end the crisis at the border.

She was also asked by Stephanopolous if the moving of undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities could “encourage” more people to try and enter the country illegally, which Sanders responded by saying that the president’s “plan” was to “stop the flow of illegal immigration coming into our country.”

She continued on to say that “the Democrats” and “courts” were preventing Trump from accomplishing that plan.

She continued:

“We have a massive number of people that are already here. We need to take away some of that burden on all of the communities along the border, like San Diego and El Paso, and look at other options.”

“Again, not our first choice,” added Sanders.

Former President Barack Obama’s Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan spoke out against sanctuary cities, slamming them “a part of this crisis” as they are inviting potential undocumented immigrants to “exploit” American law, as IJR Red previously reported.

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Give the people, and their elected reps, EXACTLY what they want. Demanded, politicked, and rioted for.


Moving the Illegal Alien Invaders to where they’re wanted and can do the most for those communities (murder, rape, disease, etc.) is an OUTSTANDING idea. The Government should cut off ALL Federal funding to the sanctuary cities/States. AND, the Illegal Alien Invaders should be prohibited from sending any U.S. dollars back to their sh**hole countries and maybe those who follow will get the message that there are no benefits for law breakers here.

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