Scarborough on Trump: ‘He’s Not Well…He Doesn’t Understand the Consequences’

On Tuesday morning, the hosts and panel of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” were, like much of America, attempting to parse President Donald Trump’s admission to sharing another country’s classified intelligence with Russia.

Host Joe Scarborough, in the process, elected to be extremely blunt in sharing his thoughts on how the whole story reflects on the president.

After recapping last week’s events, Scarborough let it go:

“Tie all those things together over a 48-hour time period. I will say it: he is not well. He does not understand the consequences of his actions. He does not remember from one day to the next what his narrative is. He blows everybody up around him. He doesn’t care because I don’t think — again, from people I’ve been talking to inside the White House, especially over the weekend, they say the situation has gotten much more dire over the last three weeks.”

Later, addressing Ned Price, the former CIA agent on the panel, he added: “Most likely, if you talk to the intel community, Ned Price, someone’s gonna die.”

Scarborough elaborated, lest he be perceived as alarmist, explaining he was referring to the process of developing assets overseas and the risks of their covers being blown.

“Donald Trump blew it all up, this operation,” he continued. “And most likely has cost lives just to boast in the White House.” Price concurred with Scarborough.

“Look, there is a secret covenant between clandestine assets and their handlers, whether it’s CIA or any other professional intelligence relationship in the world. That covenant is based on the fact that we provide them safety and security and perhaps financial remuneration, they in turn commit treason.”

The conclusion? “No one is going to work for us any longer! We are going to lose valuable intelligence that has, over the years — and especially since 9/11 — saved American lives.”

What do you think?

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