School Sends Girl Home for ‘Inappropriate’ Outfit…But 60,000 People Don’t See What’s Wrong with It

On April 2, Erica Edgerly uploaded a photo of her sister Macy Edgerly on Facebook. In the photo, Macy was wearing an outfit that got her sent home from school for being inappropriate. 

Appalled by the administration’s poor judgement, Erica voiced her opinion on the school’s decision to send her sister home:

Today, my sister was sent home from school for wearing the clothes in the picture below. And I'm sorry but I have to…

Posted by Erica Alyse Edgerly on Thursday, April 2, 2015

So far, the photo has garnered over 60,000 [At time of publishing] shares on Facebook. And nearly every commenter on the photo sided with Erica and Macy [Editor’s note: All spelling and typographical errors are original to the post]:

Lisa Bray: That’s ridiculous!! No wonder more parents are considering home schooling more than ever!! Bless her heart!

Lori Locke Romano: I don’t understand what is appropriate????

Madison Woodruff: I have been saying the same thing that you said for so long. Why should girls have to base their clothing choices on boys who can’t learn to control themselves? Plus her whole body is completely covered so I don’t see what the problem is.

Marlene Hawkins Deslatte: I don’t see anything wrong with what she is wearing, that is crazy! If spandex is wrong they need to omit it for all- not be selective.. No spandex in baseball or football…. Hum wonder if they would be sent home?

 Tami Barnes Wallace: I agree 100% ! I see no reason she was sent home in the first place.

Jennifer Nolan: Agreed and what was the problem? Her shirt covers EVERYTHING [frown smilie] and again this is why I homeschool! It is big issue, well said.

Roger McNeil: Why was she sent home. They had to be specific to what cause this. Was the shirt to short? Was the tights to short? Did the clothing material not match the dress code? They had to give a reason.

Steven Bray: Send her to school wearing baggy pants, ball cap on backwards & shirt w/ inappropriate wording or pictures & she’ll be fine!! Crazy, huh!

Kelli Wallace: Our dress code at the Jh says you can wear leggings as long as ur shirt covers ur butt, and here shirt is dress code too she is not breaking any Jh rules Macy is not breaking dress code or any rules at all

Madison Ogg: it sounds like they should discipline the boys over blaming the girl. It’s not the girls fault the guys can’t control themselves- we are totally capable with carrying on our day without them. It’s the boy’s fault for not trying to control themselves….

Sherry Sigleton Windham: She looks adorable, as always, but, not every body style can wear what she’s wearing and look cute!!!! Unfortunately we DO have many hormonal boys here. I have to support the School Board’s rules. They’re in the handbook even though the tiny girls look precious!!!! At least we haven’t gone to uniforms … yet That is the next step [frown smilie]

April Strong-Tatum: What about breaks the rules? Just curious?

Is there any part of this outfit that you find inappropriate for school?

What do you think?

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