‘It’s Time for Steve King to Go’: Iowa Newspaper Calls for GOP Rep’s Resignation

Steve King
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A newspaper for Rep. Steve King’s home district is calling for the congressman’s resignation and a special election to replace him since he’s been exposed for his racist remarks.

On Tuesday, the House overwhelmingly voted to condemn King for his remarks. He was stripped of all his committee assignments and his GOP colleagues are turning their backs on him.

While King has been making racist remarks for some time, such as expressing that “diversity is not our strength” and that the United States “can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies,” the scales tipped against him after he said in a New York Times article published this week that he doesn’t know why “white supremacy” is offensive.

“It’s hard for us to summon words that will properly convey how repugnant we view that remark,” the editorial board of the Sioux City Journal wrote.

“Taken together, past controversial King comments related to race, the King comment in The Times story and reaction to the comment in The Times story have produced the need for change in this district’s House seat, in our view. Constituents deserve better and more from the man or woman we send to represent us in Washington, D.C.”

King, however, is not backing down from his position. He called his removal from congressional committees an “unprecedented assault on my freedom of speech.” In a statement regarding the decision, he only defended his New York Times comments and made no mention of his past racist comments, retweets of neo-Nazi groups, or the presence of a Confederate flag on his desk, all of which he’s been scrutinized for.

The Sioux City Journal highlighted that King’s remarks came just days before a national holiday celebrating a man who stood against white supremacy.

“Finally, as our nation prepares to observe what would have been the 90th birthday of late civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., let us all embrace equality and tolerance and reject, in all their reprehensible forms, inequality and intolerance,” the board wrote.

King’s re-election in November was the narrowest win in his history as a congressman. Even if he remains in his seat until the end of his term, the controversy surrounding him could put his future as an Iowa representative in jeopardy.

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