There’s Another Widow of Fallen Navy SEAL — and She’s Not Holding Back on Trump’s Tribute at Speech

Taya Kyle said Wednesday that watching people politicize President Donald Trump’s tribute to fallen SEAL William “Ryan” Owens and his widow makes her “sick” to her stomach.

And Kyle has much more authority to speak on the issue than any of the political pundits who have accused Trump of using Carryn Owens, a grieving widow, as a “prop.”

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Kyle is the widow of legendary Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. She knows Carryn Owens’ pain all too well.

Responding to filmmaker Michael Moore’s claim that Owens was exploited to give an “f-you to the people who are criticizing Trump,” Kyle said forcefully:

“It makes me sick to my stomach, it makes me angry. Because he is saying two things when he says that to me, that…she’s a fool and doesn’t know she’s being used — and that’s ridiculous. It couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s also saying that this wasn’t warranted and in some way this always has to be political.”

Facebook/Chris and Taya Kyle

Kyle then sent a clear message to everyone trying to make the Owens’ tribute about politics:

“It totally negates the meaning behind this. And the meaning of it – for all the people watching who cried with her – is that some valiant people are out there fighting, not for Republicans, not for Democrats. They’re fighting for this country. And God bless them for doing it.”

Carryn Owens is not a “poor widow.” She is “strong” and her husband is a hero, Kyle added.

“She has more strength in her little finger than most people would have in their lifetime,” she said. “She’s lived a life where she had to be strong. And this is another step in her journey of being stronger than she wants to be.”

Watch Trump’s tribute to Owens and her hero husband below:

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