6 Times Donald Trump Threatened to Sue Somebody Since Running for President

It’s no secret that 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is quick to threaten his enemies with the a potential lawsuit, as he has recently with rival candidate Ted Cruz.

Yet the lawsuits never seem to go much further than a threat, as the billionaire businessman rarely ends up pulling the trigger.

Below are just a few of the people and/or organizations that Trump has threatened to sue since launching his presidential bid last June.

1. Ted Cruz

Image Credit: Getty - Ethan Miller
Image Credit: Getty – Ethan Miller

Trump has threatened not one but THREE lawsuits against the Texas Senator in recent weeks.

His initial threat was over whether or not Cruz is eligible to run for President of the United States since he was born in Canada to one American parent:

Despite numerous threats to do so, however, no suit has ever been filed.

The Donald also declared he would sue Cruz over the results of the Iowa Caucuses, in which the Texas Senator beat Trump by four points. Trump claimed that Cruz rigged the election by sending out a “fraudulent” GOTV mailer to voters and telling supporters of rival Ben Carson that he was dropping out of the race right before the Caucuses began.

Trump’s campaign did, however, send Cruz a cease-and-desist letter regarding a campaign ad that aired in South Carolina over the weekend.

2. New Day for America

Trump has also threatened several super PACs affiliated with his rival 2016 candidates. Among those sent a cease-and-desist letter was New Day for America, the main super PAC funding John Kasich’s presidential bid.

Despite the fact that Kasich has run a rather positive campaign thus far, the billionaire businessman accused his super PAC of threatening to go negative on him, with General Counsel Alan Garten writing:

“Please be advised that in the event your ads contain any false, misleading, defamatory or otherwise tortious statements or representations concerning Mr. Trump’s businesses or his brand, we will not hesitate to take immediate legal action to prevent such distribution and hold you and your organizations accountable and severally liable to the fullest extent of the law for any damages resulting therefrom.”

The last attack ad against Trump on New Day for America’s YouTube page was launched on December 8th.

3. Right to Rise

Image Credit: Getty - Mandel Ngan/AFP
Image Credit: Getty – Mandel Ngan/AFP

Trump also had his lawyers send a similar cease-and-desist letter to Right to Rise, the super PAC affiliated with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign, last year.

Trump had the letters sent after one of Bush’s primary donors, Miami-based healthcare magnate Mike Fernandez, ran full-page ads in several newspapers announcing that he would rather vote for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in a general election than Trump. Fernandez was also sent a copy of the cease-and-desist letter.

In response, Right to Rise’s legal counsel sent this epically trolling letter to Trump’s campaign, which also included a complaint to the Federal Election Commission over his use of corporate funds to support his presidential campaign.

4. The Club for Growth

The Club for Growth, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit advocating for limited government, was among the first groups that Trump threatened to sue after announcing his presidential bid last June.

Trump claimed that the club was running erroneous ads, including this one:

He also retweeted a copy of a letter sent to Trump’s campaign by Club President David McIntosh, which claimed that the group was trying to solicit a $1 million donation from him:

Nonetheless, the group has continued to go after Trump, and Trump has yet to file suit against them.

5. StopTrump.us

Image Credit: Twitter
Image Credit: Twitter

Last September, the billionaire businessman had his legal counsel send a cease-and-desist letter to StopTrump.us, a website selling T-shirts and other apparel online:

“…as a way to creatively respond to the attacks from Donald Trump to immigrants from Mexico and Latin America.”

Among the items being sold in the store were items featuring the billionaire businessman’s name and face with slogans that read:

  • “Donald is Dumb”;
  • “Stop Trump”; and
  • “America Is Already Great.”

The letter appears to have worked, as the Shopify.com-hosted website is no longer online.

6. The Washington Post

Image Credit: Twitter
Image Credit: Twitter

Trump has even tried to go after media outlets for libel.

After the billionaire businessman’s campaign got word that Robert O’Harrow of The Washington Post was planning on writing an investigative report into the 1991 bankruptcy filing of Trump’s Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the 2016 GOP presidential candidate told the reporter that he would sue for libel if they ran the story.

The paper did publish the story on January 18th. However, no lawsuit appears to have been filed.

So, Who Has Trump sued?

So far, the only group that the Donald appears to have sued since filing the paperwork for President is Univision. Trump launched a suit after the Spanish-language TV network dropped his Miss USA Pageant over his anti-Hispanic comments.

The two sides settled the lawsuit last week, but the terms of the settlement have yet to be disclosed.

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