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Before Letting Them Ask Questions, Sarah Sanders Makes Reporters Tell Her What They're Thankful For
By Caleb Hull - 2 hours ago
On Monday afternoon, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders held the last press briefing before Thanksgiving. Sanders opened up wit
Eight Women Accuse Iconic Journalist of Sexual Harassment — The Allegations Are Wild
By Tre Goins-Phillips - 4 hours ago
Eight women have come forward to accuse longtime TV journalist Charlie Rose, who appears on both PBS and CBS, of sexual harassment in
People Are Tweeting 'RIP Charles Manson' — The Reason Is Actually Hilarious
By Mike Miller - 4 hours ago
So, Charles Manson died Sunday.The infamous 83-year-old cult leader was responsible for the gruesome murders of actress Sharon Tat
NYT's Glenn Thrush’s 2013 Tweet Is Coming Back to Haunt Him After He’s Accused of Groping Women
By Victoria Taft - 4 hours ago
New York Times White House reporter Glenn Thrush has been suspended for suspected inappropriate groping of several women.And as so
When Manson Died, A Professor Put His Time in Prison in Shocking Pro-Life Perspective
By Victoria Taft - 4 hours ago
Charles Manson died on Sunday night in a hospital in Bakersfield, California.The cult leader, whose followers murdered seven peopl
Jake Tapper Went on a Date Once With Monica Lewinsky
By Tre Goins-Phillips - 5 hours ago
Popular CNN host and Twitter aficionado Jake Tapper once went on a date with Monica Lewinsky, the one-time White House intern at the c
Former Dallas Cowboys Star Terry Glenn Dies After Car Accident
By Reid Mene - 5 hours ago
Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terry Glenn has died at the young age of 43.The Cowboys star passed away at Dallas' Parkland M
Herschel Walker Tears Into Marshawn Lynch for Only Standing for Mexico's National Anthem
By Julio Rosas - 5 hours ago
Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch recently made headlines for refusing to stand for the American national anthem before a ga
Critics Say Trump Uses Office to Enrich Himself — Data Paints a Much Different Picture
By Will Ricciardella - 6 hours ago
Since taking office, rates at Trump hotels have plummeted as much as 63 percent, according to The Telegraph.“The average room rate
Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Wants One Thing From NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
By Jenni Fink - 6 hours ago
While the NFL continues to deal with a tumultuous season and declining ratings, Commissioner Roger Goodell reportedly made a few deman
Virginia Sheriff's Office Reassigns Deputy Who Dressed Like Frederica Wilson for Halloween
By Tre Goins-Phillips - 6 hours ago
A white deputy at a sheriff’s office in Virginia has been reassigned after she dressed as controversial Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL),
Trump Critic Jeff Flake May Be Leaving Senate — But Someone We All Know May Fill His Shoes
By Will Ricciardella - 6 hours ago
Boyd Matheson, a Utah conservative and former chief of staff for Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), announced Monday he will not run for Senate in
Man Punches Woman in Face on Subway When She Asks Him to Stop 'Manspreading' — Karma Hits Back Hard
By Reid Mene - 6 hours ago
During a Friday morning commute in Brooklyn, New York, a woman was left with a bloody lip after she asked the passenger next to her to
Chris Matthews Perfectly Summarizes Why Trump Won the Election in Less Than a Minute
By Tre Goins-Phillips - 7 hours ago
MSNBC’s Chris Matthews may be unapologetically liberal, but he has certainly pinpointed why President Donald Trump won the election in
Fake News? 'Morning Joe' Crew Repeats Deceptive Claim About Republican Tax Plan
By Mike Miller - 7 hours ago
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said last week the Senate Republican health care bill would lead to millions of Americans 
Hillary Clinton Turned Some Heads When She Defended Sen Al Franken for Allegedly Groping Woman
By Victoria Taft - 8 hours ago
Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently weighed in on the sexual misconduct allegations against fellow Democrat, Sen. A
Al Franken Has Responded to Second Accuser's Claim of Groping
By Caleb Hull - 8 hours ago
Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) has made headlines recently, as he was accused of groping and kissing model and news anchor Leeann Tweeden. He
Trump Sends Strong Message to North Korea — 'Should Have Happened a Long Time Ago'
By Will Ricciardella - 8 hours ago
Amid rising tensions between the U.S. and North Korea, President Donald Trump announced Monday that North Korea will be designated a s
Driver Targeted for 'F**k Trump' Sticker on Her Truck, Fires Back at Sheriff With a Brand-New Profane Sticker
By Brandon Stewart - 8 hours ago
When Karen Fonseca decided to add a sticker to the back of her truck that said “F**k Trump,” she knew it would be controversial, but n
Rep Frederica Wilson Is Back and Is Once Again Targeting Gen Kelly
By Julio Rosas - 9 hours ago
Rep. Frederica Wilson is once again going after White House Chief of Staff Gen. (Ret.) John Kelly. Weeks after the controversy of how
MSNBC Host Skewers Hillary, Says She 'Needs to Stop' Talking About Sexual Harassment Until Bill Apologizes
By Tre Goins-Phillips - 9 hours ago
MSNBC's “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski is apparently having some sort of revelation regarding former President Bill Clinton.
New York Times Suspends WH Correspondent Glenn Thrush for Alleged Sexual Misconduct
By William Vaillancourt - 9 hours ago
The New York Times has suspended White House reporter Glenn Thrush after he was accused of sexual misconduct.This came after the w
ABC Analyst: Republicans 'Empowered' Clinton's Sexual Behavior — By Putting Thomas on SCOTUS
By Mike Miller - 9 hours ago
As allegations of sexual misconduct continue to pile up — the latest being against Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) — the list of people resurre
'Everyone Wants to Come Here': Syrian Women and Children Have Been Crossing Into Israel for Treatment
By Jenni Fink - 9 hours ago
Since the humanitarian crisis in Syria began, Israel has done its part to help its neighbor.On Sunday, Hadashot News broadcast rar