NBC took a lot of heat in the weeks leading up to Megyn Kelly's interview with InfoWars's Alex Jones.

Some looked forward to the interview, while others suggested that Kelly shouldn't interview him at all — and still others said they planned to change the channel when the interview aired.

Jones himself said that he expected the interview to be edited in such a way that he would be made to look foolish, and he countered that by taping the entire interview himself and promising to release it to the public in full.

Jones even challenged NBC and Megyn Kelly to air the full interview:

Once the interview aired, the feelings were no less mixed. And nowhere were the points of view more drastically different than within the media community.

Some cheered Kelly, calling the interview “important journalism” in spite of earlier misgivings:

Others said that Jones came off looking better for it:

But MSNBC's Charlie Sykes said that his fundamental problem with Jones had little to do with Kelly's interview:

Shareblue's Oliver Willis thought Kelly was ill-equipped to handle Jones:

But that may have been because he wanted to do it himself:

At the end of the day, at least a few thought that maybe all the hype had been much ado about, well, nothing:

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