As a Delta Airlines flight descended into Detroit, Michigan, the flight crew informed the plane that there was a special passenger on board. Staff Sergeant Andre Taylor was making his final trip home, and passengers were told to remain seated until the coffin of the fallen airman was escorted off the aircraft.

According to a Facebook post by airplane passenger Ken Fitzgerald, despite four announcements with instructions, almost the entire plane full of passengers got up, gathered their belongings and followed Taylors's escorts off the plane:

The only people to remain seated were reportedly Fitzgerald, commuting airline employees, and the flight crew. While people were apparently hurrying to get on with their lives, just outside the plane window a family was mourning the loss of one:

His coffin, draped with an American flag, was removed from the plane by the United States Air Force Honor Guard, as his family members, all visibly breaking down, bore witness to his homecoming.

In his Facebook post, Fitzgerald wrote, “Pretty damn disappointed in people today!” and multiple commenters wondered what has become of our society if we now think of ourselves before the men and women who gave their life for our freedom. Fitzgerald told Popular Military:

“Before we loaded in Phoenix, people were watching from the terminal as Staff Sgt. Taylor’s remains were loaded into the aircraft ... The really sad thing ... we arrived to Michigan early, and people still rushed to get off the plane — really sad.”

Fortunately, this level of selfishness and disrespect seems to be the exception and not the norm. Other flights with fallen soldiers have had entire planes full of people in tears as they witness the heartbreaking ceremony, and others have offered a collective, somber round of applause for their sacrifice.

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Sue Kosakowski(21 likes)Close the damn door as as soon as the family and soldier  leave so the passengers have to remain. A brave  soldier's life has ended and deserves honor. If they don't understand that, teach them some respect.
Jim(19 likes)Had it bee me recording this.. i would of done my best to show All their faces and uploaded so the World could see who the worthless Pos are...Their was no reason for this.
Rusty Bracewell(16 likes)Like many of us Veterans have said, Americans have a short memory,  Once honoring our current War Vets, now forgetting them, because they simply don't care anymore,  Sad but True,  Only other Veterans will remember Veterans not counting the money grubbing organizations that pray on Veterans.  This is just the begining, next health care will start failing, just like mental health care is failling, more homeless Vets, more sucides, more broken homes, fatherless and motherless children being jerked up into adulthood.  Every War Vet from WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam know why the VA, DOD, various branches of the Military can't help with a Veteran's Mental Health.  Why, because our Vets are being treated by some College Graduates in Mental Health, etc, who have never had shot fired in anger at them, never seen death with the blood, gore, smell that Vets have, and these are the people who are trying to council Vets.   It's a joke, a Sham, and a pure same, since only a Vet know what a  Vet goes through.  Social workers don't know shit, just follow a script written out for them by some other college grad who never saw combat, the pas their finding up the latter to some Medical Asshole that prescribes mind bending drugs.  What a fucking joke.  I am a proud 100% disable Vietnam Veteran, and I would do all over again.    My heart felt feelings go out to this Airman's family,  Welcome Home Brother, Rest in Honored Glory, You will never be forgotten as long as there is another Veteran Alive.