The GOP vote on a clean repeal of Obamacare failed today, 45-55.

The reason that the bill failed was because of seven GOP senators deciding to vote against the repeal of Obamacare.

Each senator had his or her own reasons, and we encourage our readers to search out each one of them. However, the inability of the GOP to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act has many in the Republican base scratching their heads.

It has also led to deep frustrations from the White House and President Donald Trump, who earlier this week tweeted:

It's worth revisiting the campaign pages of each GOP senator to find out what they said about the repeal of the legislation when running for election. This is what we found:

John McCain's Website Today: 'Repeal and Replace'

Lisa Murkowski in January: Repeal 'the 'Un'-Affordable Care Act'

Susan Collins in 2013: 'Repealing ObamaCare's Poorly Crafted and Misguided Mandates'

Repealing ObamaCare's poorly crafted and misguided mandates and replacing the law with a fiscally responsible reform plan that contains costs and provides more choices is the best path forward.

Shelley Moore Capito in 2013: 'It Is Time to Fully Repeal Obamacare'

Dean Heller in 2013: "Step #1 for Repealing ObamaCare Is Winning in November'

Lamar Alexander's Website Today: 'It Was an Historic Mistake Congress Should Repeal'


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