Most NFL players dream of being able to wear a Super Bowl ring, although when it comes to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, he has five to choose from.


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Brady secured ring No. 5 in February after leading the Patriots to defeat the Atlanta Falcons in a stunning comeback.

One of the people attending the game was Brady's number one fan, his mother, Galynn, who attended the game despite being in the middle of a battle with cancer.

Thankfully, Galynn won the battle and finished up her treatment this past April, Fox News reports.

In light of her own victory and her undying support of her son and the Patriots, Galynn was just awarded her own Super Bowl ring.

The ring was sent to Galynn by Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Speaking with ESPN on Friday, Brady said of the gesture:

“He's been so supportive of my family and certainly everything my mom went through and knowing firsthand how families deal with it. He was always asking, 'How's mom doing? How is she feeling?' We didn't know up until the very end whether she was going to make it to the Super Bowl. She was a big inspiration for me, and RKK [Robert Kraft] knew it. It was a great surprise to all of us when the ring showed up. She deserves it.”

After Galynn received the ring, Brady posted this heartfelt message to Instagram, thanking his mother for always being there and always supporting him:

The star quarterback accompanied the message with a throwback photo of the two.

Congratulations, Galynn, on your ring!