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The fact that former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have an NFL job is now getting the Occupy, Black Lives Matter, and maybe even the Al Sharpton treatment.

A rally has been called for Aug. 23 at the NFL’s New York headquarters by unknown organizers who don’t know that Kaepernick’s name has more than one “e” in it.

The Justice League NYCPeople's Consortium, and a group called Empowerment Movement are three groups mentioned on a flyer calling for the rally, but it’s unclear who the coordinator is.

Filmmaker Spike Lee tweeted the flyer but said he isn’t an organizer and can’t be present:

Kaepernick’s New York-based girlfriend, some ESPN analysts, and actor/director Lee believe that the NFL — whose players are 68.7 percent black and 28.6 percent white, according to a 2015 study — is racist:

Fans have also run away from the game in droves after Kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem last season. TV viewership dipped and so has Kaepernick approval rating. ESPN reported that the struggling quarterback won the title of “most disliked player" last season.

Kaepernick opted out of his 49ers contract and went for free agency after last season. He reportedly has already turned down an offer in the NFL for the upcoming season.

Fox Sports 1 host Jason Whitlock told Fox News that he believes this rally isn’t a cry for justice as much as it is a “shakedown” of NFL owners:

“This is moving into a land and area that I don’t think we’ve ever seen in sports: this invasion of progressive ideology and the progressive movement into the National Football League and sports.

This, to me, is starting to smell like a shakedown of the NFL and the NFL ownership.

Colin Kaepernick, the false narrative, that he’s out of the league because all the owners are racist and he’s being blackballed. Listen, this is simply a case of a guy who’s not good enough — his talents aren’t good enough to justify all the attention and noise and controversy that comes along with him."

He said the organized reaction to Kaepernick’s lack of an NFL gig is seeping into the ‘notorious’ category:

“This is like the Tawana Brawley of football, this false narrative that we have going here.”

In 1987, 15-year-old Tawana Brawley falsely accused six white men of raping her. One wrongly accused man was a cop and another was an attorney with the New York District Attorney’s office.

The New York Times reports that her case, investigated and ruled a hoax by a grand jury, was championed by then-street preacher and rabble rouser, the Rev. Al Sharpton, who's now a host on MSNBC (on weekends).

The Daily Beast reports Sharpton has never apologized for wrongly accusing the men and promulgating the false story.

We’ll just have to see if the Kaepernick rally really is a shakedown.

Kaepernick reportedly was given a look by the Miami Dolphins at the same time another out of work quarterback was. Tim Tebow still remains out of an NFL job. However, there have been no rallies planned for the former Broncos quarterback, Heisman Trophy winner, and national college champion.

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IntegrityImportant(13 likes)It only requires a quick look at the organizations supporting this rally to know that they are virtual career demonstrators. It will be interesting to see how many people show up as this is a stupid cause but who ever said professional demonstators thought things through? At some point in time, this nonsense has to stop. To claim this individual is suffering racism and other such charges of racism over almost every decision made these days is going to eventaully catch up to those constantly charging racism. Such on-going, never ending charges diminish big time real acts of racism when they occur. Eventually no one will be listening. Journalists: Please stop covering this dude.
Debra Reaves(10 likes)If they get away with blackmailing or BULLYING the NFL into giving KAP a job knowing how the public feels this will not go well. if they can pull this off there will be no stopping them. That give them an inch they will take a mile, is small potatoes compared to what will happen if KAP gets his way on this. People have to learn there are consequences with their actions and getting a big fat payday isnt one of them. If he really believed in the issuses he said he was kneeling for he would be on the streets fighting for those issuses not crying because no one will hire him. if he was doing good works proving his commitment to his cause the teams might see he really does have heart and be willing to take a chance on hime. but that isnt the case. He is a one trick pony and it is all about "See me, Look at me Watch what I can do" Flash inthe pan, and sizzle out is the big ta da fizzle.
Steve Lerman(9 likes)Al Sharpton an amazing guy, that only got where he is by playing the (false) race card with Tawana.  He was absolutely visicous and full of hatred, spewing lies on whatever media platform that gave him 30 seconds of fame.  Not exactly how a man of God is described in the Bible.