We all know that President Donald Trump is not a big fan of former President Barack Obama.

We also know that Obama is not a big fan of Trump.

That's all OK.

However, the former leader of the free world has regularly gone out of his way in his presidential retirement to ever-so-slightly troll Trump.

Through a peppering of speeches, sit-downs with other world leaders and press releases, Obama regularly needles his successor.

Trump has done his fair share of trolling of his predecessor, too, but to date, a Trump retweet of a poll may have been the harshest troll yet. The twitter polling site “Progress Polls” asked a simple question last week:

Who is a better President of the United States? #ObamaDay

The polling site asked the question on August 4th, which is Obama's birthday and has turned into a pseudo-national holiday this year, with multiple celebrations around the country and its own hashtag, #ObamaDay:

The poll seemingly sought to pit Trump against Obama on a very popular day for the former president. Nearly 30,000 people voted in the non-scientific poll. Here are the results:

To add insult to injury, President Trump retweeted the results and Obama’s birthday hashtag Thursday morning:

The poll now has tens of thousands of retweets and, thanks to Trump, is the top search results on Twitter when you search for the #ObamaDay hashtag:

Just savage.

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