Many stunning and horrific reports are coming out of Texas right now. Reports of bravery and tragedy abound as a historic rainfall drenches Southeast Texas and floods wreak deadly havoc on communities. Anyone who's not part of a professional rescue crew has been asked to stay out of the flooding zone.

But this is Texas.

People don’t follow rules too well.

Here is footage of one man in Houston, who is clearly not a part of any rescue operation, simply helping a stranger who is trapped:

Incredible stories of bravery will emerge in the coming days, and we will keep you up to date at Independent Journal Review. However, nothing that we've seen so far captures the Texas spirit more than a man who was loading up a boat under a flooded freeway.

A local reporter asked the man where he was coming from and what he was about to do.


“You guys just jumping in to help out?” the reporter asks.

“Yessir,” said the man who says he's from Texas City.

The reporter asks what the man is “about to do.”

His response: 

“I'm gonna try to save some lives.”

God bless Texas.

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tutu(55 likes)Southerners.  Disparage us if you will, but we have hearts of gold  I am so proud of this man and his willingness, not to protest stupid crap, but to put his life on the line for others.  Chivalry, humanity, kindness, sacrifice, and the Golden Rule are not dead, but quite prevalent.  Just look to our Texan neighbors the good samaritan!
Jeff(46 likes)I live in Houston and I assure everyone this is not an isolated incident.  There are hundreds of private citizens using their own boats to rescue anyone in need. There were 2 young men in canoes transporting complete stranger's household goods.  People in the high jacked-up pickups plow thru the deep water helping stranded drivers.  This storm has affected those from the homeless under the freeways to those in multi-million dollar homes. It was estimated that in a 24 hour period, 340 billion, with a b, gallons of water has been dumped on Houston and it is still raining quite hard.  As of Sat night there were 67 tornado warnings, not alerts but actual warnings and there have been at least another 15-20 today.  I am lucky since there is no water in my house and I was without power for only 9 hours yesterday.  There are still 300,000 without power in the state.  Like the article and your comments prove, diasters bring out the best in most people.  
Bill Gray(40 likes)REAL AMERICANA......  Something the MSM and NUT JOB LIBERALS want to tell you doesn't exist..   .....  Maybe not in their world but in the REAL WORLD... it's everyday in some form or fashion...  SCREW THEM..