Over the last few weeks, there has been a national debate perpetuated on the idea that political violence only happens on the far-right end of the spectrum. That argument ends today.

The violent left-wing group known as antifa is currently descending upon the University of California, Berkeley campus, beating innocent civilians, assaulting police, and terrorizing reporters. The details are still coming in, as reporters on the ground recover from having their phones and cameras destroyed by the left-wing mob.

Some reports indicate that the antifa mob gathered as a result of a pro-Trump prayer day being held at Berkeley.

The below videos are just a small sampling of some of the horrific violence that antifa is currently committing against innocent civilians while police are told to stand down and retreat.

The images do not look like America, but a third world country where political forces beat each other in the streets. The footage coming out of Berkeley shows conclusively that antifa is:

Violently mobbing and beating innocent civilians in the streets:

Violently attacking journalists and reporters:

Assaulting police, who are retreating and being told to stand down. 

Taking over public parks:

This is a breaking post and will be updated if more information becomes known.

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Patrick Graham(45 likes)I am so glad that I live in a state that allows me to carry a firearm. You see the laws in my state make it legal for me to defend myself and others from physical harm with deadly force. Now you may wonder to yourselves if I could ever harm another human being. The answer is simple. Absolutely. You see when I took my oath so many years ago to defend my country from threats both foreign and domestic, that oath did not die when I left the service. And as I see it there are two major threats facing America today, White supremacy and terrorism in the guise of Antifa. So just a little reminder to you White supremacists and domestic terrorists out there.  I am a proud veteran, a proud father of a black daughter, a proud member of the NRA and of course I am a proud American. So let's not get this twisted in any way you harm my friends, my family or my country in any way and I will have no choice or qualms about removing you from this life. My daddy taught me to fight. My momma taught me right from wrong. My country taught me to kill. And my family taught me to love. And I can assure you that I am capable of all of these things with a passion. Now these are not boasts and brags. These are facts. Plain and simple. So if you see me at a Trump rally feel free to try me. I won't be the one hard to find. I'll be in my MAGA hat, my American flag shirt and wearing a Smith and Wesson on my hip. I won't go looking for trouble. But I'll be damned if I run away from it. 
Sandra Warner(39 likes)Brought to you by George Soros and Hillary Clinton.  "Resist" is causing undue havoc in this country.
George(30 likes)do you really think this will continue without someone opening fire on these punks......cops...national guards....the public ???....won't be very long....