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Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) had just been given a standing ovation by the 850-person audience during a public event. Then, she said something that left her liberal San Francisco audience in “stunned silence," which then gave her boos and even some hisses.

It happened after Feinstein said one thing in particular about President Donald Trump.

The San Francisco Chronicle pointed out (emphasis added):

Sen. Dianne Feinstein may be San Francisco’s favorite politician, but she quickly learned Tuesday evening that even a wildly popular ex-mayor can get into trouble if she tries to say something nice about President Trump.

During the event, Feinstein pontificated about several issues, such as Trump’s wall:

She said the U.S. should have direct, one-on-one talks with the North Koreans:

She said “global warming is real” and castigated the president for not agreeing with man’s complicity in it:

She said that senators should “compromise” on issues:

She castigated the president for placating "American Nazis” in his comments after the Charlottesville, Virginia, protester clash:

But the audience's “love fest” ended when the senator said something sort of nice about Trump:

The moderator asked Feinstein a written question from the audience:

“At what point do you think Republican leaders will definitively turn against President Trump? Criticize him publicly and urge his resignation and/or impeachment?”

Feinstein laughed.


The moderator, Ellen Tauscher, said she thought Republicans “were a little late by my watch.”

But Feinstein’s answer was a bridge too far for the crowd:

“I’d really rather not comment, however ...


We’ve kind of been there, done that. Not the greatest thing in world to be sure.

Look, this man is going to be president most likely for the rest of this term. I just hope he has the ability to learn and to change."

The crowd’s silence and disbelief were broken by widespread grumbling in the crowd with an outburst of boos and hisses.

Feinstein continued:

“And if he does, he can be a good president. And that’s my hope.”

More boos.

Feinstein put her hand on her chest and said:

“I understand how you feel. I understand how you feel.”

One woman loudly responded:

“No, you don’t."

One man on Twitter thought it was time for Feinstein to go:

Others appreciated the moderating tone of the Democratic senator:

Angus here is very angry:

Even though Feinstein qualified her “hope” for the president by requiring him to change to her liking, it was still way too far for the San Francisco crowd.

You can watch Feinstein’s conversation in its entirety below (it begins just under an hour into the video clip):

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