If you're a leftist attending Kalamazoo College, you're in luck! The school is now granting students anywhere from $50 to $1,500 for social justice warriors to attend protests, trainings, conferences, and rallies.

The school is calling it its “Social Justice Leadership Fund” in an attempt to “provide opportunities to learn about a variety of social justice and human rights issues, develop new skills in organizing and leadership, and take action on the issues that prospective applicants care most about.”

In the past, the school has funded groups of students going to an “Out of Work” conference which “focused on preparing LGBTQ individuals for participation in the job market after graduation from college.” Kalamazoo's even sent 40 of its students to a three-day “anti-racism workshop.”

Interestingly enough, the school also paid for students to “travel to and from organized events such as the Women's March on Washington,” even though it claims to be nonpartisan.

This grant isn't only available to students but also faculty and staff who want to engage in “social justice work,” according to the school's homepage.

So, next time you see a protest, it's possible those people were paid to be there as part of their “education.”

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@Otisamsonite(16 likes)Absolutely absurd.  Why not give out protestor scholarships and weapons? Is this sponsored by Michael Moore or has Michigan decided that the destruction of capitalism which has led to Pontiac and Detroit's demise become Michigan's modus operandi?
Bob Brooks(13 likes)This is business as usual, at least since 1971, when a Kalamazoo College male student, during lunchtime, entered the United States Selective Service Office, located, in the basement, of the U. S. Federal Building, Kalamazoo, confronting the lone female employee, forcibly opened the file cabinets, spraying the contents filed therein with 'lighter fluid,' then setting the files on fire.  Upon entering, he had in his possession a jar of red liquid appeaing to be blood and slung the jar's contents around the inside of the office.  (This substance was later determined not to be blood, but was karo syrup colored with red coloring.)  Once his vandalism was completed he ran from the basement office exiting the building, climbing onto a multi-speed bicycle and proceeded north away from the building.  He was caught and as he sat in the middle of the street, awaiting the arrival, of a representative, of the Kalamazoo Police Department, he began to lick the red substance from his hand and arms.  He was prevented from continuing this act of evidence destruction.  When a Police vehicle arrived, an FBI agent was accompanying the Kalamazoo Officer, and the FBI agent took possession of this social justice warrior.  This type of "Protest Social Justice" is old school for Kalamazoo College, just presented, in new wrappings.
Ken Wade(11 likes)They won't do it for free anymore?   I guess they're losing.