During World War II, Sam Northway served as a Navy pilot and seaman.

“I got about a sea bag full of one a day love letters from my sweetie, and they’re in the bottom of Pearl Harbor,” Northway told Fox News 4.

He later joined the Air Force and served in both the Korean and Vietnam Wars, which only enhanced his passion for flying.

“The Earth looks beautiful when you're flying over it, looking down,” he explained to CBS News 11. “It doesn't look like that when you're on the ground looking at it.”

After spending years in the air, at 91 years old his flying time has been significantly cut down and his days are dwindling.

However, Crossroads Hospice and Palliative Care teamed up with the Commemorative Air Force and, on Saturday, the veteran once again viewed the world from above.

Nurses and volunteers helped him into the WWII Army bi-plane and when asked if he was ready to take flight, the veteran exclaimed, “Oh yes!”

Northway and a pilot soared through the Kansas skies for half an hour before returning to where they took off and the veteran explained that, for him, flying was never about the destination. “I never did want to go someplace in an airplane,” he explained, “I just liked to fly.”

Upon landing, the veteran was teary-eyed and admitted to Fox News 4, “I never thought that I would be doing something like this at 91.”

His daughter, Judy Northway, revealed to CBS News 11 that the flight “means the world to me,” and explained that her dad's health has declined in the last year. She considered the flight to be “such a treat” for her dad, who “deserves it greatly.”

Check out Northway's flight in the video below.

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Jay DThis is awesome. I wish we treated all of our vets like this. I hope he gets to fly many more times in his lifetime. 
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