Miss New Jersey Kaitlyn Schoeffel was among the favorites to win the Miss America crown during the competition in Atlantic City on Sunday night.

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She gave a dazzling talent routine:

She twirled during the bathing suit competition:

She also “wowed” in her evening gown:

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Then Miss New Jersey was dragged into the controversy over the nation's Confederate statues, and her answer must have proven disappointing to activists hell-bent on historical censorship.

Judge Tara Lipinski asked Schoeffel about her view of the Confederate statue controversy.

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“A recent poll found slightly over half of Americans favored leaving Confederate statues in place, while others want them removed. Keep them or get rid of them? What’s your vote and why?” Lipinski asked.

Miss New Jersey gave her honest answer, in defiance of the expected politically correct one:

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“I don’t think that the answer is to get rid of these statues. I think the answer is to relocate them into museums. Because we are truly defined by our country’s history, and I don’t think it’s something that we need to forget. We need to always remember it and honor our history of America because it truly makes us who we are as Americans. So they should be moved to museums.”

The bold answer was applauded by fervent supporters across the nation, and predictably derided by her detractors:

Not everyone was ashamed of Miss New Jersey's defense of preserving history:

Miss New Jersey would go on to win second runner-up:

There are some who even believe that Schoeffel would have won if she gave a more PC answer:

Regardless of the reasons for placing second runner-up, Miss New Jersey made plenty of Americans, and many Southerners, proud of her. She stood by her convictions in the face of an immense of pressure with the Miss America crown on the line.

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Thomas Reidenbach(17 likes)To all that want to tear down confederate monuents and statues. Just remember, when you erase history and no longer teach it, so people know the bad along with the good, you are opening the door for it to happen again. Plus if in 30 years nobody knows about the slavery that happened here then your decendants will have nothing to bitch about because due to the lack of this "history" it never happended.
William Dow Briggs(13 likes)Why tear them down? You have been walking past them forever. Now you notice them? Army intallations have been named what they are for the same amount of time. Now change the names? Ridiculous. All these things are historical landmarks to teach where we were, and how far away we should be from this. We should be well beyond Blacks jumping Whites and vice versa. We should be beyond teaching hatred to our fellow man, woman, and child. We should be beyond a flag, a monument, history, or lashing out at everything imaginable to complain about. We should be better people. We should be the example of unity for all the things as a nation, and people have been through. No one thinks the same. But, we can have the same tolerance for eachother. To learn, and get past our mistakes. We should be better than this. Too much has happened to be starting at square one, over and over again. 
Karl Dulaff(12 likes)The statues need to stay where they are. NEVER give in to childish leftists. What are they going to do to the Gettysburg battlefield? Tear everything down?These democrats are just ashamed of their own history.