Nine months into his new job, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has made his mark on the department.

The hard-charging former Navy SEAL and Montana congressman has used a deeply hands-on approach to one of the most powerful positions in the federal government. Zinke rode a horse into the office on his first day, shoveled snow off the steps of the Lincoln Memorial during a snowstorm, cleaned the Vietnam War Memorial by hand, legalized dogs in his building, and shot a lot of semi-automatic weapons with his security team.

Benny Johnson/IJR

All of this while wearing Washington, D.C'.s most colorful assortment of socks.

Now, Zinke is asking not just his security team to take aim, but every federal employee who works at the Department of the Interior.

Tuesday morning, Secretary Zinke unveiled a new addition to the Interior Department cafeteria: a Big Buck Hunter arcade game.

Benny Johnson/IJR
Benny Johnson/IJR

The popular, two-player hunting game allows individuals to go on a series of exotic hunting trips and blast away at animals using colorful pump-action shotguns. Zinke unveiled the game to applause and an announcement that whoever gets the high score at the end of hunting season will get a “prize.”

The secretary then challenged one of his employees to a blast off — hunting elk. Secretary Zinke did mediocre in his first attempt but promises IJR that he's going to get a lot of practice in.

Here is how Zinke did on his first “hunt.”

Ultimately the game is there to honor the millions of hunters and America, and to boost morale at the Department of the Interior. Zinke tells us in an interview:

“Hunting season is fast approaching. Hunters are some of our best conservationists. Hunting is back. Certainly on public land, the opportunity should be there to enjoy the legacy that has made out country great, which is the hunting and the camaraderie around it. Our public lands are open for business.”

The plan seems to be working. Hours after Zinke had left the cafeteria, a consistent and giddy line of federal employees is blasting away with colorful shotguns.

Benny Johnson/IJR
Benny Johnson/IJR
Benny Johnson/IJR

The game will be free and open to anyone who wishes to play for approximately one month.

Watch the unveiling below:

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