The Baltimore Ravens faced off with the Jacksonville Jaguars in London on Sunday — and many players on both teams kneeled through the national anthem while on foreign soil.

The players did, however, manage to get on their feet for “God Save the Queen,” the U.K. national anthem.

The evidence was caught on video.

Here are the players during the U.S. national anthem:

Screenshot/Fox News
Screenshot/Fox News

Now, here they are during “God Save the Queen” on Sunday:

Screenshot/Fox News
Screenshot/Fox News

“Fox & Friends” host Pete Hegseth was seemingly stunned by the contrast of players’ behavior for the two national anthems.

“Just look at the imagery of we’re kneeling for our own country’s anthem and then we all rise to our feet and stand on foreign soil for another country’s anthem,” he said. “You always want to show respect, especially to an ally like the U.K., but the disrespect shown to your own country is what has a lot of people frustrated.”

Maria Bartiromo called the demonstration “disgusting” and argued it would end up hurting the NFL where it hurts most — in their “wallets.”

Watch the video footage via “Fox & Friends” below:

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