A HuffPost contributor has strong accusations for any of the white athletes that continue to stand for the national anthem. According to contributor Jesse Benn, if they stand, then they stand for white supremacy.

Benn wrote since the flag and “The Star-Spangled Banner” represent freedom and liberty to white people, it is white privilege to view them as such:

So, that’s obvious enough, but what I’m talking about is this. If white athletes can’t fathom kneeling because they feel soldiers fought for their rights and blah blah blah patriotism, it’s because they are treated as full citizens and afforded those rights they imagine soldiers fought for. Interpreting their own experience as something more universal, they struggle to understand why anyone should kneel. Indeed, for them, the anthem and American flag represent promises fulfilled.

Pointing to some examples of racial disparities with things like housing, education, and access to healthful food, Benn said they are the result “of centuries of systemic white supremacy, plain and simple.”

“Anyone who professes to care about America’s alleged values should be fighting to extend them to those they’re [sic] deprived. If they aren’t full of sh*t, that is,” he added.

Because of all this, Benn said white privilege was clear as day when white football players did not join their teammates in taking a knee:

Understand this. White supremacy — as in the structures of opportunity, the legacy of/ongoing oppression of non-whites, and the asymmetrical hoarding of resources by whites — is what affords us the privileges that limit our view, making a peaceful act of protest seem offensive in spite of the broader context of what’s being protested. And the ignorant result of that privilege was on full display Sunday as white players stood next to their black teammates.

“So let’s at least be clear that what those players stood for on Sunday was white supremacy. Full stop,” he concluded.

Benn is also known for writing “Sorry Liberals, A Violent Response To Trump Is As Logical As Any” in 2016. He dismissed people's idea of nonviolent resistance because “they ignore the history of successful violent insurrection in the U.S., instead favoring the elementary school version of history in which nonviolence is the only means of struggle that’s ever achieved a thing.”

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Duane DiFranco(20 likes)I'm a white male and so offended by this garbage. This is so divisive, Thank GOD my wife (who is Hispanic) doesnt fall for the falsehoods being portrayed. Name one thing in the last 20 years that is what you say? A handful of blacks shot by the police well there were more white people shot by the police too!!! Why must you do this??? If you want to address any police brutality then address it as everyone not just one group. You see the left are dividing us and it is so false. Illegal immigration? When Clinton said it was a problem you applauded? Is it not a problem now? Is worldwide terrorism not a problem? What is wrong with people that they are so ignorant they can't see what is happening? Democrats are leaning towards socialism, Has history taught us nothing? When you give all power to the government you lose and that is what socialism is. Free enterprise has made this country great,  here if you have the tools and mindset you can do anything unlike most of the world. Why is it so many people try to come here? Every interaction with other people specially people of authority is not always going to be good I have had issues with police but I reserve myself. I remain civilized. Mr Rosas, you seem to just want to divide not unite. Good luck with your victimhood. The headline of your story is disgustingly divisive and how anyone would even run this pile of venom is ridiculous. 
Jeanne (20 likes)No one stands up for my rights but me!!! I am a woman, and believe you me, people have violated, and will continue to try to violate my rights. Each and every time, I stand my ground. Not with a gun, mind you, with my resolve, to stand up for myself, and I do. Turn the other cheek, isn't about welcoming people to a beat down, it's about standing your ground, and not backing down. I've actually had to deal with inappropriate police behavior, more than once. It's easy to go after people who aren't criminals. I still support the majority of officers, who do a very difficult job. There is no utopian world, where you are going to live, where you won't have to stand up for yourself. 
Dean Miller(18 likes)I guess the author of this op-ed never heard of Martin Luther King, Jr. Too bad, he was a great man and achieved his results by non-violence. And the results he achieved were not trivial.