Feminist writer Jessica Valenti (Marie Claire, Guardian US) is not a Donald Trump fan.

Valenti also — like many people, especially recently — has no love for Harvey Weinstein.

But while many have said it's everyone's responsibility to call out the predators among us, Valenti said Tuesday she doesn't want to hear it from Trump supporters:

But then, people began to wonder what might have happened if women had been believed before 2016:


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IntegrityImportant(8 likes)Valenti, just another "feminist" who thinks POTUS is the only harrasser and all those other harrassers, even those with proof to back up the charges, are just oh, so beside the point!! What this pathetic feminist does with this statement is push the poor women who were harrassed/raped/ whatever to the sidelines so she can get in a lefty dig at POTUS. What the Kennedys, Bill Clinton and Weinstein did is precisely what Trump said men in his position COULD get away with. There is no evidence that he ever did anything as awful as the aforementioned. Remember his accusers stopped crawling out of the woodwork when he said they were lying and he'd sue after the campaign. All the awful labels Megyn Kelly brought up were directed at ROSIE, NOT ALL WOMEN. Megyn is paying for her freigned ignorance now!Women like this author needs to be re-educated as they have their heads where the sun refuses to shine! Harrassment cases need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by everyone and without blaming POTUS for everything wrong in THEIR OWN WORLD!!! Seriously. 
Bill Striby(7 likes)i dont think anyone did not believe the comments made by trump. the difference was the left brought this out to destroy trump while covering up its own stink.....Karma bitch
Morte206 (7 likes)Let's be honest and up front here: scum bags and the people who enable them come in all colors, classes, religions and political ideologies.Unfortunately their victims are often relegated to the sidelines in the gleeful excoriation the media and political parasites subject the public to with no real intention of changing the status quo.