With the November 2017 elections seeing big wins for Democrats in the statewide races, there were two significant wins for Republicans in the liberal state of Connecticut. Ed Ford Jr. and Tyrell Brown have most likely made state history by becoming the youngest black Republicans to be elected to local office.

WTNH reported the two have been best friends since middle school, and the current college juniors will have to juggle schoolwork while carrying out their respective roles in office. Ford won a seat on the Middletown, Connecticut, school board while Brown was elected to the Middletown Planning and Zoning Commission.

“When the results came in, I was absolutely euphoric,” Ford said.

“When I found out I won, I said, 'OK, time to get to work,'” Brown recalled.

When asked on “Fox & Friends” about what he knows about zoning laws and how young he is, Brown said if being older meant you were able to do a good job, then they wouldn't be having the problems they are currently experiencing in Connecticut.

“I believe it's going to take a little bit of common sense and really alleviating the burden that we're putting on residents in that city,” he said.

Ford said since he went the through the same public school system that he is now partly in charge of, he knows what the problems are.

“The children of Middletown, Connecticut, they're going through all the problems I went through myself,” he said. “You know I went through different issues that the kids are still today still facing.”

Watch the video below.

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