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It seems like First Lady Melania Trump and President Donald Trump had no sooner come back from Thanksgiving dinner in the “Winter White House” in Florida than it was time to reveal all the Christmas decorating that had been done while they were gone.

The White House decor is always over the top, but this year, it seemed to be a bit more sparkly and spectacular. That’s probably because the first lady reportedly personally picked out everything.

The Associated Press reported that Melania “chose every detail of the decor.”

“More than 150 volunteers from 29 states spent 1,600 hours over the holiday weekend decking the White House halls,” according to the report.

Melania tweeted a video of her checking over the decorations when she got back to Washington, D.C.:

And on Monday, the first lady invited the children of military families to the White House to decorate and have some Christmas treats.

Melania came down the stairs in a white dress to ballerinas performing “The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”:

This year's Christmas theme is “Time-Honored Traditions,” but there were new touches added by the Trumps that could be seen from the outside.

The White House is now adorned with red-bowed wreaths.

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Inside, the decorations include a 350-pound gingerbread White House that shows off the wreaths:


Also on display is the White House Christmas card, which is actually called a Christmas card this year and bears the message “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” instead of “Happy Holidays,” which was preferred by some previous presidents:

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Barron Trump signed the cards, too.

President Trump and the first lady selected a Nativity scene with baby Jesus adorned with a gold corona:


Newsweek reported that the family put up a Gold Star Family Tree in the East Wing, which is a tribute to members of the U.S. military and their families.

While traditional, there are more modern, winter wonderland-esque elements to the Trump White House decor:

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Another “grove” of trees leads to another Christmas tree:


The Associated Press reported that more than 25,000 visitors are expected to tour the decorated White House, and many of them will be able to take home a Christmas cookie.

And they'll be able to see the official White House Christmas tree:

Alex Wong/Getty Images

One of the many Christmas trees is decorated with the presidential seal:

Alex Wong/Getty Images

The AP reported:

The decor includes 71 wreaths, 53 Christmas trees, more than 18,000 lights, more than 12,000 ornaments, more than 3,100 yards (about 2800 meters) of ribbon and more than 1,000 feet (300 meters) of garland.


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