The Late Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was Secretly Taped Smoking Crack–And Now We Can All See It

The late Toronto Mayor Rob Ford acquired a reputation as a cartoonish character prone to headline-grabbing outbursts before his death from a rare form of cancer in March of 2016.

Ford’s crack cocaine abuse was something that was often mocked, but the video evidence of his abuse remained hidden from plain sight.

In a profanity-laced video just released from a judicial embargo, one of the major factors in the mayor’s demise has come to light:

In the video, Ford rails against liberal Canadian politician Justin Trudeau and laments being tarnished as a “right-wing radical.”

Rob Ford’s violent tendencies once again surface, as was shown most dramatically in a famous rant where he threatened to kill his political enemies.

The evidence of Ford’s crack cocaine usage launched a public scandal, but the video has not been released until now.

The Toronto Star reports:

The public can now watch the video that touched off the biggest political scandal in Toronto’s history.

It’s the video the late Rob Ford tried to deny was real, facing an onslaught of questions as mayor of Canada’s largest city in May 2013. Ford said then he could not comment on a video “that I have never seen or does not exist.”

Almost two years later, the video was played in open court as evidence at the preliminary hearing for Ford’s friend and former driver Alexander “Sandro” Lisi, who was charged with allegedly trying to extort a now convicted gang member to get a hold of the cellphone clip.

On Thursday, that charge against Lisi was dropped, lifting a publication ban that previously prevented the video from being published or even reporting the video had been played in court.

Now, the tragedy of Ford’s crack cocaine is much more real, and serves as a warning to all that the deadly drug’s use can lead to the downfall of a man before our very eyes.

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