The Man Who Vandalized Trump’s Hollywood Star Is Actually Punished for His Crime

It should be no surprise that Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was subjected to some pretty harsh cases of vandalism during his controversial presidential campaign.

Throughout 2016, frustrated members of the public attacked Trump’s star, often scribbling terms like “racist” or drawing Nazi swastikas on it.

One thing is for sure: it grabs a lot of people’s attention, be it positive or negative:

But, one man may have taken it a little too far. James Lambert Otis, 53, was caught disguised as a construction worker destroying Trump’s star with a pickax back in October.

At the time, the Los Angeles Daily News reported that Lambert intended to use the star as a way to raise money for exploited women:

“The reason why I took the star was to auction it on Election Day, and raise as much money as I can for the women who have been exploited by Mr. Trump.”

Surprisingly, he will actually be punished for his crime after pleading no contest in court — despite sympathies from the anti-Trump crowd.

Image Credit: Getty Images/Frederic J. Brown

According to the L.A. County District Attorney’s office and the Hollywood Reporter, Otis must pay $3,700 to the Hollywood Historic Trust and $700 to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

Not only that, he will have to serve three years of formal probation and perform 20 hours of community service. He has yet to make a public comment about his punishment.

The star has since been restored to its former glory and continues to draw crowds of onlookers in Hollywood.

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