The New Spin to Explain President’s ‘Islamic Extremism’ Comment in Saudi Arabia: Trump’s ‘Exhausted’

During a speech before a gathering of Arab nations in Saudi Arabia on Sunday, President Donald Trump created a bit of a stir when he referred to “Islamic extremism” — as opposed to “Islamist extremism.”

While Trump has referred to “‘radical Islamic extremism” in the past on numerous occasions, he reportedly went off-script during the speech.

Critics submit that referring to the term “Islamic” in conjunction with “extremism” or “terrorism” suggests that the entirety of Islam is being castigated — hence the reference to “Islamist” is preferred.

The real furor came from some in media accompanying Trump on his first overseas trip as president — and it had less to do with his choice words and more to do with the excuse from a “White House staffer,” who reportedly claimed that Trump was “exhausted.”

CNN’s Jim Acosta dutifully declared it was “game on,” tweeting:

Acosta, with whom Trump has vigorously sparred in the past, linked to a previous tweet, in which he said he was told an “oversight” was the reason for Trump’s comment:

Nonetheless, as reported by The Blaze and others, members of the “mainstream media” were quick to jump on the reference to Trump being “exhausted.”

Mandel Ngan/Getty Images

The tweets came eagerly, in remembrance of Trump’s “lack of stamina” charge against Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign:

Like blood in the water to sharks, in the eyes of liberals. Off they went:

Finally, “Boom Boom Room” used the incident to take a shot at Trump over his proposed “Muslim ban”:

Trump has won praise from some members of the mainstream media, including MSNBC White House reporter Ali Vitali, ABC’s Jonathan Karl, and CNN’s chief national correspondent, John King.

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