The New Yorker Kicks Off New Year With a Seriously Controversial Cartoon–Aimed at Donald Trump

On Monday, The New Yorker cartoonist Will McPhail posted a photo of a piece he drew for the magazine to his Twitter:

The cartoon depicts one man standing up among rows of passengers seated on a plane. The passengers are raising their arms in what appears to be a vote of some sort. The caption read:

“These smug pilots have lost touch with regular passengers like us. Who thinks I should fly the plane?”

McPhail’s cartoon analogy of the American political climate clearly pointed towards one person.

Image Credit: Mark Wallheiser/Stringer/Getty Images

His allusion towards President-elect Donald Trump incited a variety of polarizing reactions.

Some users thought it was exceedingly accurate:

Others found slight nuances:

Some people had suggestions for a revision:

A few users outright did not care for it:

McPhail then gave his followers a teaser about another controversial cartoon that would be released next. He tweeted:

“You guys are gonna LOVE my next cartoon about rats.”

His next cartoon was published Tuesday on Twitter:

It depicts a sea of rats carrying men and women in suits through the New York City subway. The caption reads, “due to a power loss, this train will be replaced by a wave of rats.”

Based on the response from both of the cartoons, it seems The New Yorker is kicking off 2017 with a bang.

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