What the White House is Talking About:

9 days.

What the White House Press Corps is Talking About:

President Obama's farewell speech last night, and how it's playing today with all the other news.


Lots of people got emotional, including a bunch of journalists. Also, Sasha had an exam, that's why she wasn't there, according to the White House. Sidwell Friends is no joke.

Crunch Time:

Here's a Pete Souza shot of Obama's chief speechwriter, Cody Keenan, working on a final draft of the president's address on Air Force One:

Cody checking the speech one last time aboard Air Force One.

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Can We Get Some Dimensions on This?:

Because that was the biggest Presidential Seal, ever.

Image Credit: Nicholas Kamm / Getty Images

Also the Last Trip for Michelle Obama's GlamSquad:

This Chicago trip was it on Air Force One for the three people rarely far from the first lady's side: her wardrobe stylist, her makeup artist, and her hairstylist. Yesterday on his Snapchat account, I noticed Mrs. Obama's hair guru, Johnny Wright, posing with the “Trifecta,” Meredith Koop, her longtime stylist, and Carl Ray, her longtime makeup artist:

Image Credit: @JohnnyWright220 / Snapchat

The threesome also had prime seating two rows behind the first family at last night's speech. Afterwards, they linked up with Mrs. Obama to be on-hand for her appearance in New York today at the taping of “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” which airs tonight.

Former President, Seeking Golf Club:

I have it from several very solid sources that Obama wants to join Woodmont Country Club when he leaves office; the Rockville club is quiet, exclusive, and has two of the best golf courses in the region. (Full disclosure: my family has been members for years.)

The New York Post today has a story that Obama's chances of getting in are now compromised because of his vote (or lack thereof) on Israel last month at the UN, coupled with his administration's frosty relationship with Benjamin Netanyahu. The story says there's now a “major uproar” about Obama's “complimentary” membership at Woodmont, which is made up of mostly Jewish members. I'm hearing the Post story is bogus. The president has several good friends who will likely make sure his membership is a shoo-in.

Jeweler Ann Hand Releases Official Donald Trump Collection:

Venerable Washington jeweler Ann Hand has released her Trump Inaugural Collection. Hand, you might recall, is the maker of the Liberty Eagle Pin, which political lady types like Madeleine Albright and Hillary Clinton tend to wear. She's been designing jewelry for heads of state for more than three decades. Here are the official Ann Hand Trump Inaugural cufflinks ($150) and pin ($75).

Image Credit: AnnHand.com

How Do You Ask a President to Be a Groomsman?:

What was that conversation like between Marvin Nicholson and Obama? I missed this yesterday, but it still blows my mind today.

What The Beltway is Talking About:

*breathes in deeply*

How much time you got? Between President Obama's farewell speech, day two of confirmation hearings, the report Russia collected compromising material on President-elect Trump's finances and personal life, which Trump denied, and Trump's press conference this morning, Washington's got a lot to dish on today.

What America is Talking About:

Obama's speech and the report about Trump.

“I Think It Was Russia”:

Trump changed his tune on the campaign hacking at the press conference this morning, his first since July.

Image Credit: Spencer Platt / Getty Images

At the press conference, it was announced all profits at Trump hotels from foreign entities will be donated to the U.S. Treasury.


Tiffany was Trump's only adult child not at the press conference.

Today's Confirmation Hearings:

Former Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson, for secretary of state, and former Labor secretary Elaine Chao, for secretary of transportation, both began this morning.

Tillerson said during his hearing, “Russia today poses a danger” and “does not think like we do,” their invasion of Crimea was “taking territory that was not theirs,” and said it was “fair assumption” that Putin ordered the Russian hacking during the campaign. “We aren’t likely to ever be friends,” he said.

T-Rex Protest Rex-T:

If you're going to protest on the second day of hearings, you better be original, because just wearing pink boas again isn't going to cut it. So these guys in those dinosaur outfits that popped up in all those viral videos last year make the cut.

Image Credit: Tipster

Delete Your Account:

64% of American voters (and a plurality of Republicans) think Trump should close his Twitter account, per a Quinnipiac poll released yesterday.

The poll also found only 37% approve the way he's handling his job as president-elect, and he's viewed more negatively on a range of questions about his personal traits than he was in a Quinnipiac poll taken two weeks after the election:

Image Credit: Quinnipiac

Who Are You Wearing, First Lady Edition:

Last night, Michelle Obama closed out one of her last major public appearances in a custom, navy blue, lace Jason Wu dress:

Image Credit: Joshua Lott / Getty Images

Some people are commenting that it felt too funereal, but I thought it was nice. A little serious, but nice. She also likes to bookend her fashion, so it made sense to go with Wu, who designed both of Mrs. Obama's inaugural gowns.

The speech dress is sort of a composite of various Wu looks from his fall and spring collections. It has an under-shell like this yellow dress, but it has the same color and lace overlay like this one.

As for finding one exactly like FLOTUS wore, that probably won't happen, because it's custom. But here's a Wu with a first-lady-like silhouette and some of the lace detail—it's $2,695.