The ‘Private Meeting’ Between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch Has Launched a Fresh Investigation

A conservative government accountability group is now demanding to know the details of a half-hour conversation between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and President Bill Clinton.

Lynch privately met with Bill Clinton at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport just days before the FBI’s decision to recommend to the Justice Department not to pursue a case against Hillary Clinton for using personal email servers at the State Department.

During the meeting in Phoenix, the FBI instructed reporters at the airport:

“No photos, no pictures, no cell phones.”

Lynch called the meeting “primarily social,” but acknowledged it “cast a shadow” over the investigation and said she wouldn’t do it again.

The private meeting led to conservatives’ concerns over Lynch’s neutrality in the case.

Now, the Cause of Action Institute has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the Department of Justice to obtain the following:

1. Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s schedule for June 26, 27, and 28, 2016, including but not limited to pre- and post-meeting email which concern the Meeting in any way.

2. All records, transcripts, or recordings of the Meeting.

3. All records including notes and/or memoranda by or to the Attorney General in either the Office of the Secretary or the Office of Legal Counsel discussing the Meeting either before or after it occurred. This item includes any advice given or memoranda created in response to the Meeting or news of the Meeting.

4. All records including notes and/or memoranda by or to the Attorney General in either the Office of the Secretary of the Office of Legal Counsel relating to the Attorney General’s decision whether to effectively recuse herself and accept the recommendation of career prosecutors and the FBI in the ongoing investigations relating to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

5. Any records reflecting the FBI decision or authority to restrict reporters and others on the ground from using cell phones or taking pictures.

The CoA Institute, which has received millions in donations from the Charles and David Koch network of funders, filed the request July 1st. In a statement, CoA Institute President and CEO Alfred J. Lechner Jr. said:

“A private meeting between President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch raises serious concerns about impartiality at the Department of Justice. Today’s announcement that the FBI will not recommend pursuing charges against Hillary Clinton does not remove the public interest in knowing what was discussed.”

Clinton’s presidential campaign continued to roll along unharmed following the FBI’s announcement and the CoA’s request on Tuesday — she flew with President Obama on Air Force and is scheduled to appear with him at a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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