Donald Trump's desperation to ignore his historic unpopularity knows no bounds, as evidenced by the sham voter fraud commission he launched just to keep from admitting that Hillary Clinton beat him by 3 million votes in the general election.

He also likes to retweet messages from his Twitter supporters, one of which backfired on him this weekend when he thanked a “supporter” named “Nicole”:

The internet quickly pointed out that the photo used on the account was actually a stock photo from a site that allows you to make “digital mockups,” and that the person who appropriated the image had actually lightened the young Black model's complexion:

The provenance of the now-suspended account is murky. While many proclaimed it is a “bot,” there appears to have been significant human involvement in the project, the point of which appears to have been flogging pro-Trump merchandise. also found numerous examples of a woman identified as Nicole Mincey making a variety of pro-Trump media appearances.

I suppose Democrats ought to feel lucky that stock photos can't vote, but the way things are going these days, that could change.