The Support for SNL Writer Suspended for Barron Trump ‘Homeschool Shooter’ Remark Is Beyond Sickening

Katie Mary Rich is now more famous for a Twitter insult than for anything she ever wrote for SNL or any sketch comedy bit she’s appeared in.

The suspended SNL writer, whose absence is not being commented upon by NBC, deleted this tweet on Barron Trump, the 10-year-old son of President Donald Trump:

The blowback was intense. An IJR story published on the night of the remark generated immense traction on social media. After Rich deleted her tasteless tweet, she went a step further and deactivated her Twitter account.

On Monday, Rich returned to Twitter to reactivate her account and publish an apology:

While most Americans across the spectrum agree that insulting a child is beyond-the-pale bad politics, that hasn’t fazed her supporters from ‘getting her back.’

The tweet from the famous improv troupe implores followers to voice their support for SNL to “keep Katie Rich.”

There was more:

And more:

The inevitable, ‘but somebody else did it, too…kinda!’:

Then busting out the big gun: “Snowflake.”

More comedians coming to Rich’s defense:

‘Sorry, not sorry’ she made the joke:

It keeps going. Seriously. And from “verified” accounts.

Fortunately, there are also Americans who stand for common decency and defending the defenseless.

Of course not. But we’ll move on.

More protested the idea that such an insult could be hidden under the guise that it was all a “joke.”

There were questions about Twitter double standards.

Even people who aren’t Trump fans said the smear was out-of-line:

The issue isn’t whether or not “one tweet” should be enough to get Katie Mary Rich kicked off of SNL, but what kind of message NBC wants to send its viewers about its writers being interested in comedy first or politics first.

There is simply no imaginable way an SNL writer who cracked a “joke” about Malia or Sasha Obama becoming a mass shooter would stay on the show — most Americans know it.

Your move, NBC.

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