The Singer Who Wore a Pro-Trump Dress to Grammys Sees Results Beyond Her Wildest Dreams

In 2015, singer Joy Villa arrived at the Grammys in this fluorescent orange highway worker barrier confection:

Getty Images/Valerie Macon

But even though that grabbed the attention of red carpet photographers, she still didn’t hit the high water mark in music sales.

In 2016, Villa hit the Grammy red carpet again, but this time she did it with a short little black dress that looked like a cage of talons from an exotic bird:

Getty Images/Valerie Macon

But, for a lot of people, she was still in ‘Who’s that, again?’ territory.

This year, after punching left-leaning Hollywood in the face with her “Make America Great Again” dress, which was designed by Trump supporter Andre Soriano, Villa got a LOT of attention:

Getty Images/Mark Ralston

Oh, did she ever.

She got a shout-out from her designer:

And one observer on Twitter noticed that her number of followers exploded:

Villa is now up to 110,000 followers on Twitter.

The recording artist was delighted with fans buying her EP, “I Make the Static” and getting her to sixteenth place on iTunes the morning after the Grammys. She said a big thank you on her Instagram account, which has now plumped-up to 55,000 followers:

And by Monday afternoon she had shot up to number one on the “iTunes Top Albums Chart”:

She wrote:

We did it! iTunes #1!! Your support and love have changed the nation’s dialogue from one of hate to that of love and acceptance. No more being hidden, no more shame for standing on what you believe in. No matter your religion, your race or your political views remember you have a right to uphold them. Personal integrity is the highest honor of all.

I’m honored you have chosen to follow and support my music and my message of love! We stand together as United States of America and a united whole world in love, respect, and an open dialogue!

Villa’s “I Make the Static” just topped Beyonce’s “Lemonade,” the soundtrack to the “50 Shades Darker” movie, and the latest Bruno Mars and Adele recordings.

Billboard Magazine reports that the album is three years old, but people just kept buying it, putting her over-the-top on Amazon too:

Villa’s 2014 album, I Make the Static, was leading Amazon’s top paid albums chart over albums from Beyoncé, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga.

According to Nielsen Music, based on initial sales reports, the album sold 2,000 copies on Sunday in the U.S. — up from a negligible figure the day previous.

The singer’s Grammy splash has also put her at the top of the “get” list for radio and TV shows.

She was on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday morning:

And was scheduled to appear on the Fox News program, “The First 100 Days”:

However, her comments about being out and proud with her political beliefs have garnered her flak on social media:

On Instagram, one guy predicted she’d go the way of Kanye West and throw over Donald Trump like he eventually did:


Most people gave her a big thumbs up:

The singer put out a video of her singing “We Are the Champions” on Twitter:

Because, today, she’s IS a big winner.

What do you think?

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