‘New Dawn is Breaking’: Britain Votes to Leave EU

In a historic turn of events, the British people have decided to withdraw their membership in the European Union. The close vote came down to the wire, but the “Brexit” supporters have taken it.

The BBC reported that:

BBC forecast: UK votes to leave European Union with 309 out of 382 results declared.

The results by vote count:

Image credit: Screenshot/BBC News

Even though cities like London, and countries like Ireland voted to stay with the European Union — the overall majority vote is what counts.

With the UK pulling out of the EU, global markets are already seeing an impact from the uncertainty. The British pound dropped to a 30-year low, and foreign exchange markets were disrupted.

CNN revealed what a referendum could potentially mean for the United States’ economy:

While the International Monetary Fund released a report Friday that found leaving the EU would primarily hurt the U.K. economy, it could affect the U.S., too — particularly if there’s a significant negative market reaction.

Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen said last week that the vote “could have consequences for economic and financial conditions in global financial markets. If it does so, it could have consequences in turn for the U.S. economic outlook.”

Before the vote took place, President Obama was hoping that Britain would stay in the European Union.

While Britain may not be a member of the EU any longer, the country’s withdrawal shouldn’t hinder their relationship with the United States in the fight against terror, and elsewhere.

While many were upset about the vote (including Lindsay Lohan and John Oliver):


Here is what the Brits will wake up to:


Many Americans were jubilant over the Brits’ vote for independence from the EU:




It is currently unclear what Britain’s shift towards national sovereignty means for the U.S. presidential election in November. As for now, Brexit is a real thing, and the island nation will be leaving the European Union.

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