Voter Fraud isn’t Real. Except Here are Democratic Activists on Hidden Camera Saying It’s ‘Awesome.’

Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe has gone undercover again. And this time he’s discovered that there’s one particular word Democratic operatives in Colorado love to use talking about voter fraud:


O’Keefe and his investigators approached three different Colorado organizations — Work for Progress, Greenpeace, and Representative Joe Salazar’s campaign — to get their takes on potential voter fraud while the organizations’ members had no idea cameras were rolling.

The statements the groups made, and which Project Veritas exposed, are nothing short of shocking.

Perhaps the most incredible comments came from Meredith Hicks– Director for the Denver-based progressive and social-change nonprofit Work for Progress. Work for Progress has a direct link on their website to apply for a position on Democratic Senator Mark Udall’s re-election campaign.

When O’Keefe, posing as a middle-aged college professor, suggests that using discarded ballots to cast fraudulent ballots is a good idea and acceptable because, the other side “cheats and lies and steals all the time,” Hicks replies:

“I mean, that’s not even lying and stealing. If someone throws out the ballot– if you want to fill it out, you should do it.”

When Project Veritas covertly engages a Greenpeace staffer in conversation about the “win at all costs” nature of the upcoming Senate races, she eagerly applauds the plan to use the mail-in votes of their non-existent frat brothers who are moving away. “Really, truly, that’s awesome,” she says.

She also points them in the direction of a “ghetto” neighborhood where discarded ballots can be found:

“This is going to sound weird, but ghetto Aurora, like north Aurora. Because south is like yuppieville.

But north Aurora is like a lot of people who — I hate to put in cliches — but people don’t care.”

Nicole Hanlen, a staffer for Colorado state Rep. Joe Salazar, didn’t flinch when Project Veritas investigators told her their story of friends looking to register in the state although they’d already voted. She simply directed them to the building where they could register.

Why is O’Keefe picking on Colorado? Well, as only one of three states with an all mail-in ballot this year, Colorado is ripe for voter-fraud abuses. Although some claim voter fraud is largely a myth, there have been troubling and recent instances of questionable voter registration behavior, such as one man offering to buy mail-in ballots for $5 a piece.

As Project Veritas has shown, there’s clearly something there to hide.

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