These Abused Rescue Dogs Have Authorities Asking Questions About Horrifying Animal Rent-for-Sex Ring

Second Chance Kitty is primarily a cat and kitten rescue in Stockton, California. But when locals informed the shelter that several dogs were being abused and even rented out for sex, they said that they felt compelled to act.

The three dogs — a husky (Lobo), and pit bull (Ava), and a terrier mix (Emma) — were brought to the shelter’s attention by Lizet Avila, whose mother lived nearby and had confronted one of the men who was abusing the dogs.

Avila described the confrontation:

“My mom was like, ‘no you’re renting those dogs don’t lie to me and don’t cover it up. You don’t have a heart.’

We need to do something, not just to stay quiet. I will not shut my mouth. I will fight for their rights.”

Once the dogs were safe, Second Chance Kitty posted  their photos and an update from the veterinarian on Facebook:

Their story begins as follows:


Just received a call from our veterinarian’s office with the following information.

Ava was scheduled for a cesarean section today; however, a pre-op x-ray revealed pregnancy is at most 50 days in. After careful consideration, we’ve decided to continue to hospitalize her (with Emma by her side) to allow the puppies to continue to develop so they’ll have a higher survival rate. Hospitalization will allow continued monitoring and optimal care. Performing the cesarean section today lends to a low chance of survival for her puppies.

THANK YOU ALL TO THOSE WHO HAVE DONATED, your generosity is amazing and appreciated!

This is the story that must be told of the three amigos…

We are extremely grateful that a Good Samaritan didn’t turn a blind eye when they learned three dogs living in a lot in South Stockton were being sexually abused and “rented” for purposes of sex with men. A police report was made and the dogs were given to the Good Sam when perpetrators were confronted. The dogs were removed from the property and are now safe at our veterinarian’s office.

The two female dogs have obvious vaginal trauma. The pitty we’ve re-named Ava and the terrier mix, is now Emma. The white husky’s name was Lobo, and seems to fit him.

And then they gave a more detailed update on each of the “Three Amigos,” starting with Ava:

Ava, is very pregnant, the doctor estimates delivery would occur within days and diagnosed an infection due to the presence of puss…. Due to the trauma she’s endured, present infection and her physical condition, the decision has been made to perform a cesarean section tomorrow in an effort to save any of the pups, who may already be deceased and minimize further physical damage. Ava deserves to have this blessing if possible. It is reported she has had several still born litters before… Ava doesn’t hold her head up high, her spirit is broken and almost acts ashamed…her tail closely tucked under her… but oh does she want to trust and hasn’t given up hope. Her tightly tucked tail has wiggled a bit with a shimmer of happiness that perhaps it is finally over.

Then they updated on Emma:

Emma will be spayed this week and does not appear to be pregnant. These girls are completely bonded and comfort each other through the horrors they’ve survived. Emma is so precious and seems to reassure Ava it will be ok, she also freely gives kisses.

And Lobo:

Lobo, doesn’t have much physical evidence of trauma, besides a small cut on his inner right leg. He is confused but very compliant and was happy to be reunited with his two friends, as he was the last to arrive at the vet’s office. A previous owner for Lobo was located via an existing microchip; however, he had been rehomed over a year ago to an unknown Hispanic male for free…(another reason why “free” rehoming is dangerous for animals).

They pointed out the compassionate and loving nature of the dogs, who, though showing signs of shame not uncommon in abuse victims, are not showing any signs of aggression:

Each of these dogs are amazingly sweet and have not shown an ounce of aggression, but rather love and are eager to forgive the sins of evil humans.

We will be contacting law enforcement and following up with the investigator to ensure something is done to hold those responsible accountable. If you want to donate to their care you can make directly to Venetian Pet Hosptial to our account by specifying the three amigos or via PayPal at specifying the same. If you want to donate to any animal we care for you can leave blank. Thanks for your time and pray the system doesn’t fail them.

An additional update, shared on Monday, showed that the terrier mix (Emma) was recovering well from surgery:

All three dogs are currently being cared for either by volunteers or at the Venetian Pet Hospital in Stockton. Ava, the pit bull, has been diagnosed with a severe infection — but doctors are trying to hold off surgery until the pregnant mama can deliver her litter of ten.

Local law enforcement could not give additional details because the investigation has just begun, but they did confirm that they were looking into the matter.

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