This 30-Year-Old Time Magazine Profile of Trump Will Show You Just How Much Media Has Changed, And How Little Trump Has

Before Donald Trump dominated the cover of Time magazine as President Donald Trump, he graced the magazine’s cover as real-estate mogul Donald Trump:

In the 1989 profile, Trump was described as “young, handsome, and ridiculously rich.” Writer Otto Friedrich claimed the gossip columnist summed it up when she wrote, “Even if Trump is the truest, most flamboyant child of Mammon yet produced at this waning moment of the 20th century, I like his style.”

While the media’s opinion of the former New York City big wig has certainly changed, five quotes by the then-future president prove Trump has always been, and seemingly will always be, Trump.

Flickr CC/Michael Vadon

No one knows how long Trump has been thinking about building a wall along the United States and Mexico border, but once he started, he thought “huge.”

Flickr CC/The White House

Since taking office, the president has appointed a Supreme Court Justice, signed a slew of executive orders, showed America’s military strength, and convinced Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

His progress with the Department of Veterans Affairs was so “tremendous,” he tweeted “there has never been so much done so quickly.”

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Seemingly controversial executive order + 9th circuit block = White House lawsuit.

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May I introduce you to lil’ Marco, lyin’ Ted Cruz, Pocahontas, fake news, and the Democratic Party?

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While people may be able to criticize the president on a number of issues, shying away from a challenge certainly isn’t an accusation someone would make. Within the short time he’s been in the Oval Office, Trump has flexed his muscle against Syria, Russia, and North Korea.

It seems that his location, age, and the job may change, but the fundamentals of Trump are forever.

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