Proud Republican Tim Allen Reveals 2016 Candidate He’s Most Looking Forward to Mocking On His Show

“Last Man Standing” star Tim Allen didn’t shy away from politics during a recent Television Critics Association Q&A session.

Much like the character he portrays on the show, Allen was quick to direct zingers at the left side of the political aisle. The TV Page writes:

“We are going to drill Hillary,” the out-and-proud Republican declared Monday during a Q&A session on the set of his hit ABC sitcom.

Allen was referring to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

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He explained further about Clinton, again in the context of his show:

“It will be horrible [for me] personally if Hillary continues [to be the Democratic frontrunner in the 2016 presidential election], but it will be great for the story line.”

“The only thing that stops us, really, is the network. I would dive deep into that if I could.”

According to Fox News, the network also tries to keep him in check when it comes to President Obama. They have “expressed unhappiness” more than once after he has referred to the Commander-in-Chief as a “communist.”

But the network isn’t the only source of political challenge for Allen, reports The TV Page:

“But there is nothing funnier than liberals eating liberals. The writing staff is all liberal. Sometimes they will come down here and I will even go, ‘I am not going to say that.’”

Allen also expressed his opinion about the headline-grabbing Donald Trump, making a joke out of his stance on the candidate:

“I sat with a group of liberal Jewish guys who said, ‘When Trump starts to make sense, we know the world is upside down,'” Allen says. Then he jokes, “Until I see what’s under that hair, I can’t really support him.”

So who does Allen support for president? The TV Page reported the scoop:

“I went to see [Ohio governor John Kasich] at an LA town meeting, which is usually a very liberal forum. He talked about poor people and the underprivileged and the working poor. It was very un-Republican. He is a Republican that a Democrat could vote for,” Allen says.

But Allen didn’t stop there in singing Kasich’s praises.

Image Credit: YouTube/Screenshot

He took an uncharacteristically serious tone when speaking about his support for the Ohio governor:

“I think he is a practical guy. He wants to help poor people that need help. Republicans don’t say that enough. Democrats and liberals are very good at formulating a message. Republicans are not very good at that.”

“Last Man Standing” is slated to premiere its fifth season on September 25.

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