After Town Thinks It May Be Seeing a Ghost on Camera, Little Girl’s Grandfather Comes Forward

In late March, an unnamed couple captured a seriously spooky image on their trail camera.

The couple had purchased a large wooded area for hunting just outside of Cambridge, New York, when a camera captured the image of a little girl walking alone. Her arms and legs seemed to disappear into the surroundings, and her image was that of a white apparition.

Screenshot/Inside Edition

Concerned that the girl was traipsing through hunting grounds, the couple contacted the local sheriff for help identifying her parents.

When the photo was posted to Facebook, townspeople began speculating that the girl captured in the image probably couldn’t be found… in this world, that is.

As News 10 reported, the local Cambridge community was divided over whether the little girl in the image was a living child or a ghost. A local resident told the outlet at the time:

“I don’t know, there is some creepy stuff in this town.”

Another townsperson told reporters:

“I think it’s a ghost. […] Because look at it. It’s definitely a spirit.”

Other local outlets reported that police were inundated with calls referring to a legend about a little girl that had been struck and killed by a train that used to pass through the area.

However, Cambridge-Greenwich Police Chief George Bell seemed to dispel some of the rumors at the time, when he told News 10:

“I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve never heard of a ghost running around the woods.”

And it seems that Chief Bell’s instincts were spot on.

In a follow-up interview about the haunting image, the chief of police revealed that the department received a phone call from a man claiming to be the little girl’s grandfather.

Chic Wilson, the owner of an area ski resort, said he found out about the story when someone taped it to his door.

He told Chief Bell he and his nine-year-old granddaughter, Holdan, had been walking down a four-wheeler path when the image was snapped.

At the time, Chief Bell said the department was working to verify the man’s statements.

Now, “Inside Edition” reports that Wilson and Holdan have come forward after they couldn’t believe the amount of attention her photo received.

Screenshot/Inside Edition

Holdan told “Inside Edition”:

“I think it’s crazy that someone thought I was a ghost and it went like all over the internet. I’m just a nine-year-old girl who’s not a ghost!”

The duo said they were walking through the woods when they noticed the camera and started waving at it. Holdan said that she didn’t know her picture had actually been taken.

Screenshot/Inside Edition

The Cambridge Police Department said it was happy to put the story to rest.

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