Trump Is Catching Heat for Dropping a MOAB on ISIS. Wait Till You Hear What People in Afghanistan Think About It

President Donald Trump made history on Thursday by dropping a 21,000-pound bomb on ISIS in the Nangarhar Province in Afghanistan.

The bomb, a MOAB, is the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in the United States’ military arsenal. While it’s a far cry from a nuclear weapon, it still yields an 11-ton blast.

As a result of the strike, Trump is taking some big-time heat.

But Independent Journal Review wanted to know how people in Afghanistan felt about the MOAB.

Wakhan Yousafzai, 32, lives in Kunar, Afghanistan:

Image Credit: Wakhan Yousafzai

Yousafzai has a dear friend who lives in the Nangarhar Province. While it’s unclear at this time what kind of casualties there are, Yousafzai’s friend told him that “villagers were warned beforehand by the government to evacuate the area.”

The evacuation order, however, wasn’t due to the MOAB, it was because of the fighting between ISIS and military forces.

Yousafzai shared his view on the bomb being dropped:

“I feel sad for my poor countrymen. Of course, ISIS needs to be defeated, they have been brutally killing our innocent countrymen.

But Americans used an uncalled for amount of power. People in Afghanistan have suffered tremendously and have been desperate for the government’s help.

But to see such a disproportionate use of power against terrorists in heavily populated civilian area proves nothing but the fact that the Americans are flexing their muscles at the expense of Afghan lives.”

Habib Afghan, 29, lives in Kabul, Afghanistan:

Image Credit: Habib Afghan

Afghan has family in the province where the MOAB was dropped. He told us that he has tried to call them but hasn’t been able to get through.

Then, he gave us his thoughts on the issue:

“I totally condemn this act of Trump. He knows very well where the terrorist sanctuaries are. Yet, he bombed the wrong place again. Afghans are victims of terrorism, not supporters of it.

I understand a U.S. soldier died in Nangarhar fighting ISIS last week. And I am sorry for it. But let us not forget that Afghans too are dying on a daily basis.

So dropping this bomb and calling it the “mother of bombs.” Are they not thinking about the civilians and the livelihood that’s going to be destroyed for generations to come?”

Afghan continued:

“If America truly wants to defeat and fight the terrorism. They should not attack the terrorists’ temporary bases. They should target their main bases. Mainly in Quetta and Karachi, Pakistan.

We are with the American people if they American people want to get rid of the terrorists. You want to make America safer, we want to make Afghanistan safer.

We don’t want our future generations to live in misery. We don’t want to live under bombings and destruction, either.”

Jawid Amiri, 24, lives in Kabul, Afghanistan:

Image Credit: Jawid Amiri

Amiri suggested that the United States use such military force elsewhere:

“Osama bin laden, Mullah Akhtar Mansour, Mullah Omar are the good examples which can prove my claims. And thousands of terrorists are still living under the sympathy and support of Pakistan’s military establishment in Pakistan.

We are humans, obviously, it is a destructive weapon. And it will have bad consequences for building public opinion in Afghanistan and all over the world.

I am not supporting such actions. Instead, we can freeze the accounts of those who are sponsoring terrorism. And can sanction states, which are seeking to reach to their strategic depth.

Besides that, all regional and international powers should contribute in this issue, and pressure nuclear states like Pakistan. And take more action by bombing the terrorist camps in their country.”

Ahmad Wali Sarhadi lives in Kandahar, Afghanistan:

Image Credit: Ahmad Wali Sarhadi

Sarhadi works as a freelance journalist. He was in touch with officials in Nangarhar after the bomb was dropped.

Sarhadi said:

“I don’t feel good about such a big bombing in villages of Afghanistan because it has made many hardships for civilians. I think it would have been better if American forces had used such a big bomb in Pakistan.

Pakistan is sponsoring the Taliban, ISIS, and other insurgents. They are sending all the terrorists to Afghanistan to achieve their aims.”

These individuals provide valuable insight into how military operations conducted by the U.S. are affecting the lives of everyday people in Afghanistan. While the MOAB reportedly did kill 100 ISIS terrorists, these Afghans, at least, think that America should be using such powerful weapons on other targets.

What do you think?

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