Trump-Endorsing GOP Rep Has Been ‘Eye-to-Eye’ With Hillary–And He Reveals He ‘Could Work With’ Her

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) spoke at Iowa State Fair Thursday in Des Moines, and he included a mention of how he would respond to Hillary Clinton as president.

King was delivering a speech as part of the Des Moines Register’s annual soapbox series.

He pushed for Trump’s signature policy plan: building a wall along the entire U.S.-Mexico border:

“We need to secure our border. The most effective way we can do that is build a wall on the southern border — I’d add to that first build a fence near the border. Then go up about a hundred feet, build a wall, and then go another hundred feet and build a fence.”

The incumbent Congressman vying for another term also said that Trump’s running mate selection of Indiana Governor Mike Pence:

“…fills in whatever you might see as gaps in a Trump candidacy.”

King’s speech was the first soapbox speech of the State Fair, which draws countless candidates from Iowa and the presidential race during election cycles.

He’s a noted conservative:

But he also said that not all hope is lost if Clinton becomes Commander-in-Chief:

“I’ve sat across the table with Hillary Clinton eye-to-eye, and when you’re working outside of staff and outside of the press she is somebody I can work with.”

King, who recently endorsed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, added that he remains enthusiastic about the prospect of a Trump presidency and that energy grows stronger as the race “becomes ever more acute.”

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