Trump Explains Why Sarah Sanders Does Fewer White House Press Briefings: ‘I Told Her Not to Bother’

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President Donald Trump told White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders that she could cut back on her press briefings because of how she is treated.

Sanders hasn’t held a press briefing from the White House in more than 30 days, with her last presser happening on December 18, according to a report from The Hill. This is the longest stretch that the Trump administration has gone without a press briefing from Sanders and there have been complaints about her infrequent appearances.

While some reporters may still want to speak with Sanders, there have been several informal press gaggles directly between President Trump and the press since December 18.

The president also delivered a few speeches from the Oval Office and the White House press room about the shutdown to the American people, but there were no opportunities for questions from the press during those two appearances.

Deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley told Fox News that the president has been directly interacting with the press, instead of through Sanders.


“It’s not that they’ve ever stopped, it’s just that sometimes we need to come to the podium to communicate things and sometimes we don’t. A lot of the times when we don’t come to the podium it’s because the president has addressed the American people himself.”

Although the president likely agrees with Gidley, he delivered a different explanation on Twitter, explaining that he doesn’t see a reason for Sanders to “bother” with a press that treats her “rudely.”

The president claimed that he told Sanders “not to bother” with formal press briefings, claiming that unfair coverage leads to “fake news.”

This tweet came as part of a series of comments from Trump on the media’s handling of an incident between students from Covington Catholic High School and some Native American activists.

Trump noted that the students were “smeared” as racists but were later realized to have done nothing wrong after a different camera angle showed the situation in a different light.

It isn’t clear when Sanders will give another press briefing, and from the looks of things, her boss doesn’t care if that changes.

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Rocky Drummond

This isn’t news. Trump admitted this last year, I think some time during or after October. Press briefings were separated by 18 and 23 days starting around August. That’s when the President started talking directly to the press, usually with a helicopter as background noise.

The problem is that daily briefings are mutually beneficial to the people and the administration because it gives the administration the chance to hone its message: how do we explain this to the people and press?





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